The 7 Best Car Detailing Accessories You Need in 2022

A man wearing jeans, a black t-shirt, and glasses leans over a car with one of the best auto detailing accessories: the simple microfiber towel

The best car accessories are those that make your life easier. Auto detailing accessories can streamline the washing and cleaning process and even improve resale value. Car organizers and storage accessories can tidy up your car’s interior and keep essential items within reach. And the best car accessories and interior gadgets connect your technology, keep you comfortable and enhance any road trip.

7. Microfiber cleaning wipes can handle most car detailing tasks

The Best Auto Detailing Tool Is Easier Than You Expect | Chemical Guys

These handy, soft, non-scratch microfiber cleaning wipes and some of the best car wash accessories to have on hand. You may not see a multi-pack of cheap towels as one of the best professional auto detailing supplies, but you will find them at most detailing stores. You can use these at home for almost any detail job. Just be careful not to make one of these five common car detailing mistakes. Family handyman (FH) recommends Chemical Guys microfiber towels.