The Beginner’s Guide to Alpine

The Beginner's Guide to Alpine

Well, just as Chris Harris would suggest the time a pre-production A110 spontaneously ignited while driving, we should probably have a broader view.

And our gaze is… well, suitably wider. For us, the biggest surprise is that we can talk about Alpine in the present tense.

To be clear, we’re not saying Alpine was ever evil, unworthy of success, or a force that only had real momentum in a particular time and place. We say that when it comes to a human creation of real merit and niche appeal, there is a very real danger that success will be a fickle and capricious companion.

Think about it – how many times has Lotus been on the brink? Or Aston? How did the literally world-conquering Lancia collapse into obscurity, seemingly immediately after creating a rally-dominant, world-engaging masterpiece?

As a species, we haven’t exactly had any victories in the last decade, but Alpine will resurface, swing to the fences and, crucially, hit them on the first try? Yes, we are going for the win.

Apparently Lancia is coming back too, but it’s unlikely we’ll be twice as lucky.