The Beginner’s Guide to Pagani

The Beginner's Guide to Pagani

Paganis are built in a place called San Cesario Sul Panaro, southeast of the city of Modena. And if you’re thinking, ‘Modena, huh? For some reason that rings a bell,” and yes, it ranks right above Italy’s other well-known supercar manufacturers.

If you were driving straight from Pagani to Lamborghini, driving back and forth through Maserati to Ferrari, you would have covered only 33 miles in total. Even if you push the boat out and go to Dallara from there, the total distance is still only 90 miles. Besides, if you start all day with Ducati, you’ll a) drive a total of 104 miles, and b) probably won’t have enough time to appreciate everything you see.

Now that we’ve worked hard enough on this point to probably have to pay reparations, let’s move on to the vague question of how many cars Pagani makes per year. All told, including all special editions and one-offs, Pagani’s total build numbers since 1999 still run into the hundreds—about 450, to be exact. Even now, in full swing, Pagani builds about 40 cars a year, each taking about six months to complete. That’s the irony of supercars: going fast takes time.