The best accelerating cars in the world 2022

The best accelerating cars in the world 2022

Again, they are two very different versions of the performance car template that appears in the 2.7 seconds club, even if one clock stops moving at 100 mph and the other at 60 mph. The latest 911 Turbo S relies on a 642-horsepower flat-six with two turbos, plus exceptional traction from its four-wheel drive transmission and rear weight distribution. It also needs the launch control equipped Sport Chrono Pack. By contrast, the Radical is essentially a road race car, complete with 900kg of downforce. Beneath the bodywork that looks like it would be more fun to ram the Mulsanne straight ahead than to mooch the shops, the RXC GT has the same 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 as the Ford GT, delivering 400 horsepower as standard and in 2, Drive from 100 to 100 km/h in 8 seconds. For bragging rights of 2.7 seconds you need the upgraded 650bhp unit.

6. Bugatti Chiron (0-62mph), Ferrari SF90 (0-62mph) – 2.5 seconds

It was only a matter of time before the Chiron showed up on this list, the only real surprise is that it isn’t at the top. In its ‘entry-level’ model, the Bugatti’s 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged W16 delivers 1,479 horsepower, which is good for acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. In many ways, the SF90 is arguably even more impressive, as it beats the same time with ‘just’ the fact that the 987 hp from the combination of a twin-turbo V8 engine with three electric motors. Either way, both will deliver the kind of thrust only Apollo astronauts have likely experienced.

5. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport (0-62mph) – 2.4sec