The best and cheapest cars for university students

The best and cheapest cars for university students

One of the UK’s leading used car sourcing services Choose my car has compiled a list of five of the best cars for college students that are also the cheapest to drive.

Choose my car looked at vehicles with a purchase price of less than £5,000, while also taking into account insurance group, tax costs and average miles per gallon.

In a statement, Nick Zapolski, the company’s founder, said: “This may not be a popular opinion among 17-21 year olds, but the reality is that the first cars should be small and not very powerful.

“Insurance costs can be prohibitive for young people, and with fuel prices always high, bigger engines are out of the question.

“Small cars have many benefits, and the lack of power can help some parents sleep more easily at night! Our list highlights five cars worth checking out if you’re considering buying a first car, so check them out!

The best and cheapest cars for university students

Here are the top five best and cheapest cars for college students in 2022:

The Citroën C1 may be small, but it packs a punch in the design stakes. The C1 was launched in 2005. It doesn’t hurt that it’s in insurance group 1 and runs 61 miles per gallon.

The Aygo made its way into the world in 2005. It has been described as “cute”, “compact” and “easy to drive” – ​​but it’s also cheap to run. The only downside is that it’s in insurance group three, but it makes up for that with a good 61 miles per gallon, cheap tax, and small operating expenses.

It may be less stylish than some, but the Hyundai is still a worthy contender that launched in 2007. It is reliable, cheap to run and comfortable to drive. All versions have the following features: four airbags, ABS, air conditioning and an RDS radio.

Launched in 2011, the Citigo has the best miles per gallon on the list. It’s available as a three- or five-door hatchback and falls into insurance group 2, but has a whopping 64 mpg. It’s compact.

The Picanto has the second best mpg on the list with a whopping 62, and also falls into insurance group 2. It was launched in 2003 and got an upgrade in 2007, including a new lighting style. It is not only cheap to drive and easy to drive, but also comfortable for passengers.