The best build for the Auto Ax in Fallout 76

The best build for the Auto Ax in Fallout 76

There’s no denying that the Auto Ax is one of the most valuable weapons you can get in Fallout 76. This deadly industrial tool came into play with the Pitt update and people have been obsessed with its power ever since. Of course, this power only comes if you have the right build for it, and after researching the game, we can confidently say we have a build that will blow your mind. Here’s the best build for the Auto Ax in Fallout 76.

How to make a build for the Auto Ax in Fallout 76

Making a build in Fallout 76 isn’t as simple as finding a weapon and throwing some things together to make it work. A lot of planning goes into making these builds to really maximize their damage potential. The next build for the Auto Ax does require you to access the Legendary perks in the game, but the build can also be good without sacrificing some damage. To get started, you’ll need to map your SPECIAL stats accordingly:

  • Force – 15
  • Perception – 1
  • Endurance – 8
  • Charisma – 9
  • Intelligence – 3
  • Agility – 11
  • Happiness – 8

Provided you have SPECIAL bonus points from Legendary perk cards, you can further increase your Agility stats as the Auto Ax requires Agility and Strength to function. Below you can see the perks we used for the build, as well as the stat mapping.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Since the Auto Ax is a two-handed melee weapon, focus on using the Slugger perks to increase your damage. Perks like Barbarian and Incisor will further increase your damage output by increasing your Strength and letting the weapon ignore enemy armor. Dexterity is a major focus for the build, as using the weapon will drain your AP over time. If you have a higher Agility score, you can use the weapon longer. Benefits such as Adrenaline and Evasive increase your damage and resistance to damage. Other perks worth damage include Nerd Rage, Bloody Mess, and Tenderizer.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

When it comes to choosing mutations for the build, you’ll want to get:

  • Twisted Muscles – Increased Melee Damage
  • Adrenal Response – Increased Damage in Low Health
  • Bird Bones – Decreased strength and increased agility

These mutations give you the benefits of increased damage, and the increased agility will help you use the weapon for a longer period of time. If you want to benefit your character more, you can also use the Healing Factor, Marsupial, and Scaly Skin Mutations. Besides Mutations, since you’re low health with this build, you’ll want to at least have the Legendary Bloodied perk on your Auto Axe. This will dramatically increase your damage with the weapon.