The best cars and racing anime

The best cars and racing anime

Via Tohokushinsha Film

Racing enthusiasts and speedsters are not excluded from the world of anime, as some very impressive racing series and movies have been released over the years. Better yet, they include different types of racing, from car races to horseback riding, cycling races and even karting. Packed with adrenaline – and with solid plots to boot – different worlds and adventures are introduced with these racing stories.

With gripping storylines and competitive energy spreading to the public, here’s an exciting ranking of the best racing anime that will have you going for the underdog.


The anime series and sequel is set in the future, where cars are controlled by artificial intelligence and lose control every now and then. The story follows a group of high school students and racers: Lisa, Souichi and Lorna, who own gas-powered vehicles and work to control the accident-prone AI vehicles. The trio also want to participate in the racing competition, éX-Driver, which will be held in Santa Monica, California. Together they work hard to get first place.

speed racer

The 1967 anime follows the life of world champion aspiring Go Mifune on his journey to become the greatest racer in history. Much to Mifune’s disappointment, his father is against his racing, but with the help of his girlfriend, younger brother and his special car, nicknamed Mach 5, he remains undaunted. However, things start to get complicated for the teen when he is confronted by highly skilled opponents on the track, most notably the mysterious Racer X. speed racer is one of the most popular racing anime of all time, and an English live-action adaptation was released in 2008, starring Emile Hirsch as the titular racer.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

For the horse lovers, Uma Museum makes for a fun and exciting watch with a twist. In this world, great horses of the past are reborn as “horse girls”, with horse ears and tails to boot. Armed with stamina and speed, they are enrolled in a special school called Traces Academy, where the best of them can become famous expert racers and celebrities. When a young girl named Special Week is reincarnated as a horse girl and joins the academy, she embarks on the journey to become the best racer in the entire school and fulfill her promise to her mother.

Nasu: a migratory bird with a suitcase

This is an anime based on the sport of cycling and offers enough action packed adrenaline to keep the viewers glued to their seats. It is also the sequel to the hit movie, Nasu: Summer in Andalusia. The sports drama follows Pépé Benengeli and his teammate Ciocci during the upcoming Japan Cup Cycle Road Race. The problem is that motivation is extremely low because legendary racer Marco Rondanini has just passed away. This anime combines an emotional story of loss and friendship with the perfect amount of sports action and beautiful animated landscapes that focus on the cycling routes.

Wangan Midnight

Wangan Midnight is a car racing anime released in 2007. The story follows the freshly defeated Akio Asakura, who had lost to legendary street racer Blackbird. His quest for solitude leads him to find a Nissan S30 named Devil Z in a junkyard. Akio decides to work on the car and customize it so that it can become the fastest street racer ever…and possibly surpass Blackbird.

Immortal Grand Prix

Immortal Grand Prix has a very straightforward plot, but with speed-defying motor vehicles and thrilling martial arts moments, it would be hard to find a more adrenaline-packed anime. Set in a futuristic world where racing is all that really matters, the Immortal Grand Prix is ​​the biggest racing competition out there. The competition is such a huge event that an entire city of modified lanes has been built for it, allowing drivers to freely use their high-tech combat machines to race at speeds over 350 mph! In the midst of it all, we meet Team Satoshi, an untested rookie team with big dreams of winning the IGPX against skilled and ruthless competitors.


The vehicle of choice in this inspiring anime is the go-kart. Capeta is a 10-year-old boy who has quite a difficult childhood. When his father encounters go-kart racers, he decides to build his son a go-kart made from abandoned car parts bought from a junkyard. When Capeta discovers his newfound ability, something in him awakens and so begins his journey to become a speed racer.

Yowamushi pedal

Yowamushi Pedal is a 2014 anime series that follows the life of Sakamichi Onoda and the Sohoku High School cycling team. Sakamichi is an otaku who travels long distances on his worn-out bicycle in search of manga and games. One day he runs into a fellow cyclist who appreciates his skills despite the condition of his bike. The two eventually form a friendship and Sakamichi is introduced to the exciting and competitive world of cycling.

Red line

This 2009 anime film follows daredevil racer JP on his journey to compete in the biggest racing event in the galaxy, Redline. The event takes place every five years and is known for pushing racers to their limits and giving the crowd a huge dose of adrenaline. This year, Redline is about to get even more dangerous than usual, as it takes place on the infamous Planet Roboworld, known for housing criminals who would do just about anything to win. JP won’t let him down though, as he plans to become the reigning champion no matter what.

Initial D

With numerous episodes, movies and video games in its franchise, Initial D takes the top spot on this racing anime list. The anime series ran from 1998 to 2016 with over 80 episodes combined, and spawned four feature films. The exciting story follows the adventures of 18-year-old delivery boy Takumi Fujiwara. His father runs a tofu shop and to help Takumi has been driving up Mount Akina for five years to deliver tofu to a hotel every day. His daily deliveries have made him an expert in mountain drift racing, and his skills come in handy when local street racers from Mount Akagi challenge the local team at Mount Akina to a race.

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