The best cars for under £250 a month

The best cars for under £250 a month

Today, most new car purchases are made using a finance deal, and the most popular way to finance a car is through a personal contract purchase, or PCP. These deals are easy to find, and because you’re only financing a portion of the car’s value, you can drive something that would otherwise be out of your budget.

Indeed, for £250 a month you can choose from small cars, family hatchbacks or even a few SUVs.

Here’s a countdown to the top 10 deals from our target price research, which shows you the most you should pay for a new car. Next to each car you will see the terms of each deal, including the mileage limit, the interest rate and any financial contributions from the dealer.

Each deal is based on a 15% deposit. And as always, you can learn more about each model by reading our full reviews or clicking through to the latest What Car? Buy a new car.