The best cars GM is making right now

The best cars GM is making right now

The best cars GM is making right now

Video transcription

CHRIS MCGRAW: Okay, I’m going to go through that again because we’re going to be talking about, not disgusting, GM.

JAMES RISWICK: I don’t know.

CHRIS MCGRAW: It could be. It might be disgusting. Okay.


JAMES RISWICK: Oh that’s good.

Welcome, everyone, to this unfiltered and only slightly edited discussion. I’m Autoblog’s senior producer, Chris McGraw. And today I am joined by the driver of brown diesel BMW SUVs, “West Coast” editor, James Riswick, as well as Mr. Blackwing himself, associate editor, Byron Hurd. Today we are going to talk about the best and worst of GM vehicles, cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. But before we do, make sure to hit the Subscribe button below for more Autoblog auto content. We have something for everyone, reviews, reveals, podcasts. gaming, almost anything. But now let’s talk about GM.

General Motors, the company best known for its cars such as the GTO, Camaro, Corvette and Suburban, has also made some questionable decisions over the years. But for starters, let’s talk about current vehicles. So guys, what are your best and worst of every category of vehicles GM currently makes?

BYRON HURD: Yeah, well, I feel like I’m being tricked here. But anyway, so for the best car, I say the CA Corvette, for just a wow factor. It’s a killer car. It’s hard to go wrong with that. For the truck, I’m going for the Colorado ZR2. It is a kind of dark horse. It’s old, it’s about to be replaced. But there are things going on there. For SUV, Buick Enclave, which I think is going to get really weird for everyone.




BYRON HURD: And then, for EV, Hummer EV. It barely exists, but it doesn’t catch fire yet. So I feel like that’s a big advantage, you know…


BYRON HURD: –in the grand scheme of things.

CHRIS MCGRAW: Man, I gotta be honest, I didn’t expect a Buick to come so early in the conversation.

BYRON HURD: [LAUGHS] Warm in, warm in. So, yes, do you want to challenge any of those issues, or do you want to propose alternatives first?

JAMES RISWICK: Well, I mean, I’m a little surprised, because my first choice here is… and I didn’t expect to be able to use it, since you were going to go first – but it’s your real car. You have not…


JAMES RISWICK: –Choose your own car.


JAMES RISWICK: That would have been my car.

BYRON HURD: I wondered.

JAMES RISWICK: No, no, but [INAUDIBLE], Cadillac CT4. And I didn’t even drive the Blackwing you own. Besides, when I call myself Mr Blackwing, I sound like a superhero, so that’s cool.

BYRON HURD: I’m alright. I wish I– if I’d known that we’re going in there, where we’re going with that, I’d have worn a different kind of color scheme here and owned it a little bit better. But I mean, the Corvette is just — it’s so amazing — it was such a paradigm shift for GM, and one that literally everyone saw coming for how many decades. But then it finally happened, and it really worked. So yeah, it’s really hard to ignore how awesome that car is. And yes, it’s not the one I bought. But, I mean, there’s a difference between something that’s good and something that’s good for me. So like…

JAMES RISWICK: Well, you’re probably right, because I kind of choose the CT4 because I liked it a lot. But it’s a sensational car to drive, not just the Blackwing, but the lesser version as well.

BYRON HURD: Yes. Oh, yeah, I’m definitely not going to argue with you.

JAMES RISWICK: In terms of, like, sports sedans, I think it’s the one I’d pick. It’s more fun to drive than the BMW 3 Series. I think it looks great. Unfortunately they no longer sell it in green. But yeah, no, I love the CT4. It’s– and I’m not just kissing you on the ass here– it would be a great car. I think it’s the best they are making right now. I mean, the Corvette is great, don’t get me wrong. I would say and mostly for the money. And you don’t have to say that the Corvette is so good now. But for the money would I rather have a Cayman? Probably. But er, I think either one is just fantastic.

In other segments, the truck thing is tough. Because the heavy ones, the Chevy’s, are horrible. And we all know that…

CHRIS MCGRAW: Yes, they are ugly.

JAMES RISWICK: –the trucks will soon be redesigned, in terms of their interiors, which was the main reason why they weren’t competitive for the segment. But we haven’t seen them in person yet. So, I don’t know, I think whatever the future may be – the Silverado, high country, with the new interior, let’s carry on with that.

SUVs, you know, the… [LIGHT SIGH] the Tahoe and the Yukon, they are so much better now. And you have that diesel engine in it. And they now get best-in-class fuel economy, while still having as much or more torque. I don’t quite remember. And by the way, if we say something here that is factually incorrect, we’ll do our best. Were not [INAUDIBLE] historians.


And there are only so many windows I can have on my computer at the same time.


BYRON HURD: These are facts.

JAMES RISWICK: But yes, it is extremely competitive. I think it’s the best part of the class right now. So I have to go with the Chevy… [INAUDIBLE]

CHRIS MCGRAW: I know I just got out of a Yukon AT4, and I drove it like that [INAUDIBLE] and back. And man, that interior is so, so much better than anything I’ve personally seen from GM in a long time. I was very impressed with that, yes.

JAMES RISWICK: Yes, and that has the new Android automotive tach interface for ’22. But the old one was actually fine. But it does have that new. And then, EVs, I’m going for the one that catches fire, or could, the Bolt. Because the Hummer is so far away. It will come out in stages. So yes, here comes the first edition. But the ones that are cheaper will be so far away, it’s like they don’t really exist.

So I’m going to say the Bolt, because maybe not just, like, right now. But it went so farther than anything else. Like, the amount of range you got from that car just vastly surpassed anything remotely comparable in price. And while the body shape they totally sniffed at, in terms of something people would actually want to buy, it still counts a lot, because that’s a very impressive vehicle. And it deserves a lot more attention than it gets. Because the body style hurt. But from a technical point of view, it’s a great achievement, even if the battery supplier really disappoints them

BYRON HURD: Yes. And honestly, I think if they’d gone Bolt EUV first and only offered front or four-wheel drive in what was actually a more realistic Crossover already, they probably wouldn’t have had the sales problems they had with it. At the same time, like [SIGH] yes it is really good. i really loved it. It’s just… it’s hard to call it the best, given the current circumstances, I mean, since, you know, they can’t even sell them. So that’s not a great look.