The best cars to use for a road trip – Click Liverpool

The best cars to use for a road trip - Click Liverpool

Planning a road trip? This can be a great way to travel and there is no feeling like the open road. Nothing is more important than the car you drive on a road trip, because you need something that is comfortable, has plenty of storage space and won’t let you down. So, what are some of the best cars to use for a road trip?

Chair Tarraco

You would do well to find a vehicle that is better suited for a road trip than the Seat Tarraco† This SUV has all the requirements out there for what you need from a road trip vehicle, including ample interior space, the option for 7 seats or the option to set up two rows of seats for more storage and a decent amount of equipment. The Tarraco also offers excellent value for money and is ideal for large families.

Audi A1

The Audi A1 may not be the biggest car, but the way the car drives makes it worthy of a road trip. As you would expect from Audi, the interior is incredibly comfortable and packs in loads of great technology that will enhance the road trip experience for everyone. You also know that you get reliability with an Audi, so you don’t have to worry about breakdowns on the road! It’s also easy to drive, which is ideal for long periods of time behind the wheel.

Mini Cooper compatriot

When you think of the Mini Cooper, you might think that it would be the worst car for a road trip. The Countryman is the compact crossover SAV from the iconic supermini manufacturer and a car with plenty of interior space with the ability to comfortably fit 5 passengers and luggage in the trunk. You have a BMW-built engine under the hood, so you know you’re getting quality and reliability. There is also a partial hybrid electric vehicle option for those looking to reduce their impact.

Land Rover Discovery

When it comes to road trips, you can’t name the Land Rover Discovery as a top of the range 4×4 and one of the best family cars money can buy† Of course, it is perfect for road trips with excellent off-road capabilities, a luxurious interior with plenty of space (7 seats) and a smooth driving experience.

If you are planning a road trip, these are 4 of the best cars to drive that will enhance your experience and meet the demands of long journeys.