The best cars you can get in Watch Dogs

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In Watch Dogs 2, players explore an open world city where muscle cars, luxury vehicles and all kinds of cars are available to the player. Some vehicles are better than others depending on what the player wants to do, whether it’s finding a fast car to drive away from the cops or just having a good time exploring a well-crafted open world. explore.

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While fast travel is always possible, you can’t go everywhere on the map and so you’ll likely be cruising the streets of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. Even if it’s just a drive to get from one mission to the next, these are the cars to keep an eye on.


10 Asteria Prime

The Asteria Prime is Watch Dog 2’s version of the Tesla that can be purchased from Auto Elite for $36,000. While a bit pricey, the Asteria Prime is fast and great for getting around the city with its decent handling. In addition, it is easily accessible through the Blume Corporation parking lot, which means players can grab the car and try it out without having to stare at the price tag.

9 Sunrim-EV

A fast sports car, the Sunrim EV is one of the fastest cars in the game, although it comes at a high cost. Players can purchase the car from Totally Motors for $37,500. But if you don’t want to burn a hole in your in-game wallet, you can see it driving around areas like Silicon Valley and Palo Alto, but without it being in a fixed location, it might be better to have the car. In addition, it has low durability and as a result it will not be a great car to deal with a crash.

8 TBT-7000

Not every car is great for the city, and that’s where the TBT-7000 comes in. Since Watch Dogs 2 also takes place a lot in the surrounding Bay Area, having a good vehicle that can handle off-road is a bit of a necessity. It is durable and better suited to wildlife over the city’s roads; however, handling it can be heavy, so moving it around can be a problem. It can be purchased from the Auto Elite car dealership for the decent price of $21,250, making it one of the more affordable vehicles in the game.

7 Adamant S Series

The Adamant S-series is a car of balance. Although it lacks robustness, it achieves one of the best speeds of all the cars in the game and has good handling. Because of its speed, it is a great car when it comes to chases or outings, especially to make sharp turns on the city roads. It can be purchased from Total Motors for an affordable $25,000.

6 Magnate

A luxury sedan with top speed and traction, the Magnate is an impressive car with a fair amount of sturdiness to withstand any crashes that could inevitably result from the police chases you could be carrying out in this fast vehicle. While it doesn’t spawn in-game naturally, it can be purchased from the Auto Elite car dealership for $37,500, making it a little on the expensive side, but well worth it.

5 Sculptor 2.5R

While it may look stock, the Sculptor 2.5R is anything but. It is one of the most balanced cars in the game, with the best traction of all vehicles and amazing speed. While it lags behind when it comes to acceleration, it is one of the more affordable cars in the game. Players can find this vehicle in Total Motors for just $15,000.

4 Land Rock From 2500

Sometimes you need a big and bulky vehicle to get the job done, and that’s where the Landrock Van 2500 comes in handy. While not that fast, the Landrock Van 2500 is one of the best cars when it comes to durability, and it’s pretty common to find on the map, even with variants like the WKZ TV news bus. If you are a good driver, the van can be surprisingly useful in car chases as it can withstand any collisions and take down your target. The van is so strong that you feel like a vehicle killer on the road, crashing and dealing car end-clapping blows.

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Plus, it’s not bad for a chase when it comes to speed either, as it’s not the fastest car out there, but not as slow as you might think with decent acceleration. All of this makes the Landrock Van 2500 one of the better cars in the game which is also more accessible for just $7500 from Total Motors.

3 Boxberg R1

The Boxberg R1 is a glass cannon of a car, with a high speed but also not at all tough. Despite this, the speed far outweighs the cost, along with the best in-game acceleration of most vehicles. This makes the Boxberg R1 perfect for all missions that involve chasing a target or simply cruising the streets of San Francisco at high speeds while enjoying the city. Unfortunately, the car is also one of the most expensive, bought from Auto Elite for a whopping $180,000.

2 Baumsteiger

A sleek and stylish car, the Baumsteiger is one of the most beautiful vehicles in the game and drives as good as it looks. It has one of the fastest speeds in the game along with some of the best durability and traction.

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What makes this car even better, however, is that it is almost immediately accessible to all players as it can be seen in the upper classes of San Francisco. Although for the players who want the car for themselves, it can be purchased from Auto Elite for a pricey $180,000.

1 fiammetta

The Fiammetta is the most expensive car in the game, yet it’s so good it actually is worth its high price. Reminiscent of some of Grand Theft Auto’s fast and well-designed cars, the Fiammetta is a beautiful supercar. It’s easily the fastest car in the game, with both excellent acceleration and good handling – making it much more valuable for having great stats.

While the durability isn’t that impressive, the Fiammetta is one that all players should own, especially towards the end of the game when you can slide down the roads and just relax in the Bay Area. This is definitely the kind of car you would want in real life. The car can also be found around Stanford University and Nudle Headquarters, but can also be bought for a ridiculous $700,000 at the Auto Elite car dealership.

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