The best characters in Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 Lamar and Trevor Featured Split Image

Since the third Grand Theft Auto game, the series has consistently delivered interesting and entertaining characters. The ones in GTA 5 are arguably the best in the history of the series. It helps that there are many.

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For starters, there are the three main protagonists and the supporting players of the main story. Plus, the Stranger and Freaks missions introduce you to a bunch of other people. And finally, you can meet random individuals around Los Santos. So when it comes to characters, GTA 5 definitely has quantity. Thankfully, the game’s main cast also has quality. The following persons are the best example of this.


8 Mary-Ann Quinn

For some people, exercise is a great way to de-stress. However, it doesn’t seem to work for Mary-Ann Quinn. This fitness buff is irrationally angry all the time and berates Michael and Franklin before giving her a reason to do so.

However, her anger is not her only personal quirk as she has several others including her tendency to reveal way too much personal information without being asked. As with many GTA characters, she’d be horrified to meet them in person, but she’s hilarious in a video game setting.

7 Lester Crest

Lester is an important part of the GTA 5 main story as he is the man who usually sets up the elaborate heists for Michael, Franklin and Trevor. He excels in this role because of his incredible intellect and eye for detail. And it’s very likely that the others wouldn’t have a chance to do many of their jobs without his help.

So he is essential to the story, but he is more than that. The man is a constantly engaging person, whether he’s ranting about Lifeinvader founder Jay Norris or providing social commentary on various topics.

6 Wade Hebert

The characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 aren’t the most likeable group, but it’s easy to feel sorry for Wade Hebert. The poor man is constantly mistreated and manipulated by his best friend, Trevor.

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Fortunately, it doesn’t bother him too much, because Wade isn’t the smartest around. In fact, he seems to have the mind of a child. His innocence and positivity, however, are refreshing, as it is a stark contrast to the cynicism of the other characters. In addition, his childish behavior leads to funny moments.

5 Lazlow Jones

Lazlow is one of the most prominent characters in GTA history as he is one of the few to appear in multiple games. He usually only serves as a voice on the radio. But in GTA 5 you meet the man in person several times.

At this point in his career, he’s an aging celebrity desperately trying to stay relevant despite having no talent – in his own words. As such, he’s the kind of character you’ll laugh at rather than with, especially since he’s publicly embarrassed multiple times throughout the game. You’d feel sorry for him if he wasn’t also a slut.

4 Franklin Clinton

Of the three protagonists, Franklin is perhaps the most likeable. This is because he is not as angry or violent as Michael or Trevor. In fact, compared to most people in the game, he’s a normal, well-adjusted guy who’s just trying to make his life better.

Granted, his life goals revolve around being a better criminal who steals more money. So his ambitions aren’t the most morally just, but if they were, he wouldn’t be a GTA protagonist. The fact that he is one of the least bizarre people in the game leads to plenty of hilarious moments as his reactions to the odd characters are always comedic.

3 Michael De Santa

GTA protagonists usually fit a certain mold. Yet Michael is different from everyone else because he is a family man who tried to put his criminal life behind him. As a result, he has a more captivating arc than Franklin or Trevor as he tries to keep his family together while participating in some robberies.

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His storyline, along with his narcissism and guilty conscience, make him a fascinating character. Plus, he often delivers some powerful words of wisdom, which are among the best quotes in the game.

2 Lamar Davis

Lamar is introduced very early in GTA 5 as Franklin’s best friend. Within those first few hours of the game, he delivers a litany of memorable lines. Whether he insults Franklin’s “yee-yee a** haircut” or complains that he’s not employee of the month, he steals every scene he appears in. And he’s one of the most outrageous individuals in the entire series.

His role is to be a cartoon character and serve as a negative comparison to Franklin, showing that the main character is more grounded than those around him. Lamar succeeds on both counts.

1 Trevor Phillips

To put it bluntly, Trevor is one of the greatest loose cannons in video game history. He is a ruthless killer who sees himself as a serious businessman. And he routinely threatens and abuses those around him just for his own amusement. In fact, most of the chaotic things he does are just for his own sick pleasure. So he sounds like a really bad villain.

But in the context of GTA 5, he is a protagonist and an entertaining one. Pretty much everything he says and does is so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh. Plus, most of GTA 5’s memorable moments have to do with him in one way or another.

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