The best electric vehicle home chargers for 2022

The best electric vehicle home chargers for 2022 like the JuiceBox used here

A lot has changed in the electric vehicle market in just a year. These are the best electric vehicle home chargers for 2022, but you may recognize some of the brands. After you leave home in your new EV, these are the most popular electric vehicle charging stations to hit the road.

The best home chargers for electric vehicles for 2022 are the JuiceBox 40

The JuiceBox Charger for Electric Vehicles and Jeep Wrangler 4XE | Pack of juice

One of the best all-round chargers is the JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station. The 40 comes in a few output levels and even has one that matches the Tesla Wall Connector with 48 amps. Not everyone will need that, and the lower output comes at a lower price. The cord is 25 feet long and you can use the free JuiceNet app to monitor and monitor your change from anywhere. If you have a new electric Ford F-150 Lightning truck that needs charging, check out the JuiceBox.