The Best JDM Cars You Should Know – JDM Cars For Sale

The Best JDM Cars You Should Know - JDM Cars For Sale

Every car enthusiast knows what JDM stands for in the field of cars. JDM is an abbreviation for Japan Domestic Market and JDM cars are manufactured and sold only in the Japanese market. Japan is one of the leading countries in the field of autos and auto parts and has the best car brands. If you are interested in JDM cars, you can search for websites that offer it: JDM cars for sale online.

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Top JDM cars –

We have briefly listed a few of their features to give the users more clarity as to why we have included them in our top JDM car list.

Nissan Stagea (WC34) –

Nissan Stagea is often referred to as the Skyline wagon as it shares many similar characteristics with the famous Nissan Skyline. It also shares its engine and even drivetrain. The Stagea model was manufactured eleven years ago in 1996.

It has the space of a car and the performance of a Skyline. It is one of the best cars that combines exceptional performance with spaciousness.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II –

Although Mitsubishi deprived American car enthusiasts of the Evo car model for a few generations, the iconic car found its way into the WRC rallies. In 1995, the famous racer Kenneth Eriksson triumphed at the Swedish Rally with Mitsubishi, and from then on Mitsubishi became one of the JDM legends.

Mitsubishi has a reliable 4G63T engine that requires less effort to repair and is known for its long life. The bike has solid tuners to practice the basics and shows excellent performance with its trusted power source. And what else makes Lancer Evolution II so extraordinary? It can bring about 260 horsepower without causing an imbalance in the torque.

R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R –

All car enthusiasts and Nissan enthusiasts know the iconic nickname of the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R, Godzilla. So, how did R32 become so popular? In the late 1980s, Nissan launched the R32 with a computer-controlled ATTESA E-TS four-wheel drive technology and added the HICAS rear-wheel drive system to the model. Hiroyoshi Kato confirmed R32 as a true performance machine after his car test at the NürburgringNordschleife. The R32 received the highest recognition as a direct competition with European sports cars, and it is cheaper than other sports cars.

Nissan Silvia 200SX –

For more than half of JDM enthusiasts, the Silvia S13 elevated the car’s nameplate to fan status for its performance, handling and affordability. It retains its rear-wheel drive format from previous generations. Front-engined the S13 arrived, enforced by the reliable Nissan SR20DET – effortlessly one of the best 4 pots ever made. It has a remarkable 250 horsepower as opposed to the S13’s 171 horsepower.

But the most notable feature of the S13 is its drifting. The previously quoted FR layout coupled with its 55 by 45 front and rear weight distribution gave it a position in the list of most popular drifting cars.

Honda Integra Type R DC2 –

Honda Integra was launched in the early 1990s as one of the most beautiful JDM cars. But in 1995 car enthusiasts got a taste of an even better version, Honda’s Integra Type R.

The code name of the Type R model is DC2. The DC2 model was launched to eliminate the controversial issue of four headlights presented earlier in the third generation. The model gained high racing credentials due to its cut weight Helical Limited slip differential.

An absolute highlight of the model is the core of the Type R DC2, the B18C engine. It’s an ultimate JDM engine that offers 200 horsepower, justifying why the ’90s Type R is still the most desirable today.

R35 Nissan GT-R –

The R35 GT-R is a high performing sports car known as a legend in the JDM range. The R35 GT-R model is one of the least affordable JDM cars on the map with its hefty price tag. Even if the model is not affordable, it has excellent power, impeccable style and sensation.

The R35 GT-R has been on display for over ten years. But he managed to ride with the giants during his entire run. It’s even top cars falling over on the track. GT-R Nismo is a limited 2022 special edition that looks and performs like a beast.

Toyota Chaser JZX100 –

It took a few years for Chaser to gain recognition beyond Japan’s borders. Even more shocking was that the car enthusiasts didn’t even notice the JZX100 until they started looking for a more affordable car instead of GT-RS and Toyota Supras. So, what are the strengths of JZX100? It is equipped with a 1JZ-GTE engine, which makes the car fast and enjoyable to drive. The model is well balanced, but it is very understated. It is one of Toyota’s most practical cars.

The car has plenty of extravagant options, making it a relaxed and practical vehicle for everyday use. It is arguably one of Toyota’s best cars.