The best new registration cars 2022: 12 new cars with the 72 plate


September 01, 2022 – 09:09 BST

Gareth Herincx

Traditional, more new cars were sold in March and September than the rest of the year combined as drivers raced to drive brand new cars with the latest license plate.

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Whether it’s a new family car or something smaller for driving around town, motorists often rush to buy new cars with new license plates.

What is the new reg record 2022?

The two ‘age designation’ numbers that change refer to the year and six-month period in which the vehicle was first registered (March to August or September to February). So today, on September 1, the current ’22’ record (eg AB22 CDE) changes to ’72’ (eg AB72 CDE).

And if you’re in the market for a new car, we’ve picked 12 brand new models – all launched in 2022 – to satisfy your hunger…

Best New Family Cars 2022

Dacia Jogger – from £16,645


One of the new car reveals for 2022, the Jogger looks like a cross between a station wagon, crossover and MPV, and is the latest vehicle in Dacia’s budget range.

Honest and practical, it is an ideal new car for the cost of living crisis, with a remarkable value for money. A true seven-seater, economical, easy to drive and incredibly versatile.

Peugeot 308 – from £25,380


The third generation of Peugeot’s popular family hatchback has serious appeal. Available with a choice of efficient petrol and diesel engines, there is also a plug-in hybrid version with an electric range of up to 60 kilometres.

Packed with the latest infotainment technology and safety systems, the new Peugeot 308 is a class act. There is an Estate (SW) variant if you need more space, and a fully electric version is due in 2023.

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Citroën C5 X – from €27,790


Citroën’s big, bold new five-door is an intriguing mix of hatchback, station wagon and SUV. The C5 X is offered with a choice of 1.2- or 1.6-litre petrol engines, plus a plug-in hybrid with an electric range of up to 60 kilometers. In short, it’s a breath of fresh air; offers elegance, comfort, sophistication and serious value for money.

It’s also practical. You can even fit a washing machine in the trunk – sideways without folding the rear seat.

Opel Grandland – from £26,720


Originally launched in 2018, Vauxhall has given the Grandland a major facelift for 2022 and has been completely transformed into a striking, comfortable and practical no-nonsense family SUV that offers good value for money.

Offered with conventional petrol and diesel engines, there is also a plug-in hybrid with an electric range of up to 63 miles, capable of tackling a typical day’s driving for most British motorists.

Best New Small Cars 2022

Citroen Ami – from €7,695


More urban mobility than car, the adorable 100% electric Ami is already a familiar sight on the streets of Paris and Rome.

Measuring 2.41m x 1.39m wide, this plastic two-seater fits into the smallest of spaces and has a tight turning circle of just 7.2m (tighter than a London taxi). The top speed is 28 mph and it has a range of 43 miles.

Toyota Aygo X – from £15,405

toyota aygo

Top marks to Toyota for reinventing the city car. The funky Aygo X has a chunky crossover look and is great value for money. It’s cozy in the back, but fun to drive, safe, economical, cheap to run and well equipped.

Plus, it comes with Toyota’s reputation for reliability, plus a 10-year or 100,000-mile warranty (whichever comes first) as long as it’s serviced every year at a franchised dealer to maintain coverage.

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Nissan Juke Hybrid – from £28,750

nissan juke

The latest, much-improved version of the British-built Nissan Juke launched in 2019. New for 2022 is a full hybrid (or self-charging) version, meaning it charges on the go and doesn’t need to be plugged in.

Extra power and better fuel economy complement the already practical, comfortable, well-equipped and enjoyable compact crossover that it is. Definitely worth a test drive.

Skoda Fabia – from £17,800

skoda fabia

The latest Skoda Fabia is simply one of the best superminis on the market. Affordable and sporty in a new guise, it is economical and delivers an exciting ride.

Offered as a five-door hatchback (there is no longer an estate option), it comes with Skoda’s hard-won reputation for reliability and there are some cool colors (especially Phoenix Orange and Race Blue).

Electric Kia Niro – from £27,745


Kia’s popular compact crossover has moved on a generation in 2022. Available as self-charging (or full hybrid), plug-in hybrid (with an electric range of up to 65 kilometers) or pure electric (range of 480 kilometers), the Mark 2 Niro is better than ever.

It offers a winning mix of good looks, safety, functionality and comfort, is surprisingly spacious and comes with Kia’s excellent seven-year warranty.

Toyota bZ4X – from £43,780


Toyota has finally launched its first 100% electric car and the bZ4X has been worth the wait. With a distinctive look and the latest technology on board, it has a range of up to 517 miles and can be charged to 80% in about 30 minutes via a fast 150 kWh connection.

With plenty of interior space and a very comfortable ride, this SUV is also quite handy off-road.

Best New SUVs 2022

Kia Sportage – from £27,250


The new version of Kia’s best-selling model features a bold new design, hi-tech interior and a range of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines.

A cool car with room for the whole family, it’s offered as a mild hybrid, self-charging (or full) hybrid and a plug-in hybrid, which has an all-electric range of up to 70 miles. Oh, and don’t forget, every new Kia comes with a seven-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Range Rover – from £99,375


Here’s a little inspiration if you’re lucky enough to win the lottery. The all-new fifth-generation Range Rover is big, luxurious, packed with technology and drives superbly both on and off-road. But here’s the thing – it now has green credentials too.

The latest Rangie is also available as a plug-in hybrid, meaning you can charge it overnight at home and then travel up to 70 miles in zero-emission electric mode.

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