The best standalone GPS trackers for your car

Best car GPS trackers 2022

Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare, and even thinking about it sends a wave of fear through your mind.

What if you get stuck and no one knows where you are? Tap or click here for three map apps that are better than Google when you have multiple stops.

GPS trackers help ping your location to a phone app or browser, let your loved ones know where you are in an emergency, and provide excellent peace of mind. These are the best you can get.

Keep in mind that: Komando only recommends these products in an ethical, consensual practice. We do not condone invasion of privacy or spying on others without their consent.

Best GPS Tracker for Ease of Use – LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Do you want to put the tracker on it, get in the car and go? That’s where LandAirSea comes in handy. With a solid magnetic housing, intuitive app and many features, the 54 GPS tracker is easy to use and open.

Receive real-time information and alerts for speed, motion tracking, arrivals and departures and historical display – all with accuracy within two meters.

While a subscription is required for service, it is much more cost effective than most GPS trackers. It doesn’t get any easier than LandAirSea: the entire process takes a few minutes, including registration.

Best GPS tracker with no subscription fees – Vyncs 4G GPS tracker

Vyncs provides “anytime, anywhere” location tracking with 3-minute interval updates. With upgrades, you get updates at 15-second intervals.

In addition to easy tracking, Vyncs offers excellent driver safety and vehicle health features. Collect information about speeding, idling and access to roadside assistance with Vyncs Premium. You also get information about manufacturer recalls, service warnings, and low-battery diagnostics.

It’s powered by your car, so there’s no need to change batteries, and it’s one of the few trackers that doesn’t require a subscription fee.

Vyncs Premium is a stepping stone and helps in the event of a breakdown on the road. But there’s no need to enjoy most of these features if you want to avoid paying for a subscription.

Best Low Maintenance GPS Tracker – Trak-4 12v GPS Tracker

Trak-4 plugs directly into your battery and mounts under the hood. In addition to being easy to install and having a hands-free maintenance approach, it includes its own SIM card for reliable, near-real-time tracking.

With a three-tier subscription model, the Elite bundle lets you get 1-minute tracking interval updates for $14.99 per month. While Trak-4 designed this for corporate fleet tracking, it works well in any personal vehicle.

The chassis is weather resistant and provides excellent, long-lasting life for the internal components. Get updates on your phone, tablet or PC and don’t worry about using mobile data. The icing on the cake? No activation or cancellation fees.

Best GPS Tracker for Parents – Spytec GL300 Real Time GPS Tracker

Spytec is one of the most recommended brands for GPS trackers, and for good reason. With an impressive waterproof case with magnetic attachment, the tracker is safe from rain, speeding and bumpy terrain.

Spytec uses superior servers to deliver the fastest processing time and maintain a 99.99% uptime rating so you always have up-to-date information.

However, it has two drawbacks. One is that the battery only lasts for two weeks, so you’ll need to charge it often. Then comes the subscription price. Pay annually and it works out to $25 per month. While these features are great and the real-time tracking is superior, it raises the bar on your budget.

Best GPS Tracker for Long Time Use – Optimus GB100M 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Car Battery

Optimus plugs directly into your battery, requiring a two-minute installation process at best. The housing is not only easy to install, but also built to be robust for long-term use and has excellent durability.

Although Optimus charges $12.95 monthly, every feature you get is worth the price. They don’t sell you tier-based plans; it’s very simple.

You get updates from a special SIM card every 30 seconds. Your data plan is included in the subscription price.

The GB100M is reliable, long lasting and helps with speed monitoring, instant warnings, history reports and route details. Optimus includes a lifetime warranty and support for Google Maps.

Best GPS Tracker for Quick Setup – Brickhouse Security LTE Magnetic GPS Tracker

Brickhouse Security is a well-known brand, but it is pricey. Like the LandAirSea, it offers quick installation with a magnetic backing that attaches directly to the interior of your car.

With a battery life of 140 days, you don’t have to worry about constant charging. Each update runs on 4G LTE for fast updates and consistent data. You can track movements at five-second intervals with a tracking history of up to one year.

The subscription models can get a little wild, but Brickhouse Security is a great choice if you’re looking for quality and longevity.

GPS Tracker Buying Guide and FAQ

Features to look for in a GPS tracker

  • Water resistance: For magnet-mounted models, if they aren’t waterproof, one big puddle could be the end of your tracker.
  • Magnet Strength: Companies sometimes use vague terms and just say it’s a “superpower” magnet; try to get specific information such as draw weight.
  • Signal Method: 4G is superior to simple LTE and the signal method matters for remote and real-time updates.
  • App/Subscription Features: You can’t get away from subscription models with this, so you might as well see what the app has to offer and count it as a benefit towards your purchase.
  • Alert Methods: Find out if you need to be in-app or if you can also get push, text and email notifications.

Will a magnet disable a GPS tracker?

No. GPS trackers use magnets to stick to the body of your car. Modern GPS trackers are designed with excellent magnetization to stay on your vehicle, so applying a magnet to the outside won’t damage it. Wired GPS Trackers

I forgot where my GPS tracker is. How do I like it?

Detecting a GPS tracker on a car is relatively easy. For wired models, check your battery and see where the 12v cables run. Your tracker may not be mounted properly if it is pushed back and forth while driving.

For magnetic or adhesive models, walk around the edge of your car with a powerful flashlight. Check the inside of the body along the underside. It is also popular to place trackers in the wheel arch.

Do all GPS trackers have a monthly fee?

Most GPS trackers have a monthly fee. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t. While costs can range from $6.99 per month to $17.99 per month for most models, some GPS tracker manufacturers do not charge.

When you pay a monthly fee, you’re essentially bundling the servers and app maintenance costs together, making access to your GPS information easy, fast, and reliable. Unsubscribed trackers are known to be laggy and may provide old data from the tracker.

Are GPS trackers reliable?

Most GPS trackers are incredibly accurate (accurate to within a few feet) and come with a stable case, water resistance and months of battery life.

Trackers that plug directly into your car battery typically last longer as you don’t have to worry about a disposable or lithium-ion battery pack. GPS technology is reliable, especially in our always-connected world.

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