The car-loving purist group is an example of how one good deed deserves another

Sean Lee Purist Group with blue Honda, front view, man next to car

When people with the same intentions or the same goal unite, they usually form a group, to achieve what they want.

sports car it is thanks to such concepts that fans and other car groups such as the Purist Group have emerged.

Now a legend in the United States, this collection of people has its humble beginnings, which founder Sean Lee shared the Petersen Automotive Museum

Purist Group: car enthusiasts help people in need

Like other automotive groups – such as the Barrett Automotive Group – the Purist Group has members with a passion for vehicles and related matters.

Many of its members are well-known drivers, journalists, car tuners, car collectors and even car nerds.

Many of them drive fancy models and exotic cars, and Sean has some highly sought-after vehicles in his collection.

The Purist Group now has thousands of members not only in the United States, but also in other parts of the world.

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According to Sean, he did not create the Purist Group for commercial purposes.

He founded the group to serve as a network for people who are not only passionate about cars, but also helping other people in need through charity.

Over the years since it was founded about 14 years ago, the Purist Group has donated toys and supplies to households, as well as backpacks to schools.

The group also helps organize events to help others in need.

Personal experience led to Purist Group Foundation

Sean’s creation of the Purist Group was rooted in his personal experience.

According to Sean, he had an abusive father and a mother with her own problems.

This led to a divorce and his mother moved to the US.

At age 14, Sean’s father sent him packing to his mother – at age 17, Sean ran away from home and took to the streets all alone.

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Sean then found a job doing deliveries for a company.

Nick, the general manager, took him in, taught him how to type, and sent him back to school.

Later, Sean became the top seller in the company and switched to Air Tiger Express.

He worked his way up in the logistics company, saved some money and eventually became a partner.

Car fans unite: pay for a friend’s kindness

Now Sean calls himself semi-retired, as he is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.

With plenty of spare time, he began to repay Nick’s kindness by giving back to the community.

This led him to found the Purist Group.

He had worked closely with several people, including the late Paul Walker and his brother Cody.

Source: Petersen Automotive Museum