The latest line of Safety Car is ‘at the top of the agenda’ at the FIA ​​summit today

The latest line of Safety Car is 'at the top of the agenda' at the FIA ​​summit today

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The controversial end of yesterday’s Italian Grand Prix will be a priority topic at the FIA ​​summit on sports affairs in Formula 1, says Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

The race ended under a Safety Car period lasting six laps when marshals recovered a single stopped car. Clearing Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren took longer than expected as the car failed to engage neutral, meaning a crane had to be used to salvage the car.

However, several team leaders have pointed out that the procedure took longer than necessary as the Safety Car initially appeared in front of George Russell instead of race leader Max Verstappen and stayed there for two laps.

Verstappen won the race while the Safety Car stayed on the track until the end. Despite his driver Max Verstappen taking the win, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said he would have preferred to see racing resumed.

“I was disappointed,” he said. “It felt like the Safety Car picked up the wrong car and slowed things down further for what appeared to be a fairly trivial incident. The car was not in the barrier or anything like that.

“The principles of what we have always discussed is that no one wants to see a race finish under such a Safety Car. And it felt like that was enough time to get the race going again.

“Although there was a risk, now that it’s all thrown together again, we would have preferred to win the race under race conditions rather than under a Safety Car of course. And at the end you could hear the displeasure of the crowd, because it felt like everyone had been robbed of that finish.”

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The FIA ​​has made a series of changes to the way races are run after the controversial end of last year’s championship in Abu Dhabi when former race director Michael Masi broke the rules in arranging a restart.

Ahead of yesterday’s race, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem announced that a summit will be held today to discuss how sporting affairs are handled in F1 and to keep teams updated on the performance of the new Remote Operations Center that it is building. introduced in response to the Abu Dhabi debacle.

“A lot has changed and lessons are clearly being learned,” Horner acknowledged. “They’ll be together tomorrow, all the team managers, the president will also get involved to talk about certain aspects and I’m sure this will be at the top of the agenda now.”

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