The most powerful, best performing Honda Civic Type R is almost here

Fully-Camouflaged 2023 Honda Civic Type R Going Flat Out On The Nürburgring

The wait is finally over when Honda will debut its 2023 Civic Type R this summer. The hot hatch is fully camouflaged in the teaser video as it goes full throttle on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, but the power is there for all to see. There are plenty of fascinating details to discover, as the Type R will capture your heart in less than a minute.

Most importantly, Honda says it will happen the most powerful, best performing Civic Type R ever, as they have mastered his own turf, the Suzuka Circuit. already mastered† Let’s dig further…

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The Honda Civic Type R races around the Nürburgring

The car looks sensational with a huge rear wing and has three exhaust pipes, a large middle one flanked by two smaller twins. The video also lets you take a look at the car’s muscular wheel arches and revised aerodynamics, as well as the Brembo brake calipers behind the black wheels.

Honda won’t reveal what’s under the hood, but it’s an easy guess. They will likely continue with the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-pot of the last generation to power the 2023 Civic Type R, but in a meatier form. There were also rumors it would go hybrid, but the 2023 Honda Civic Type R is still all ICE power.

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More details on the 2023 Honda Civic Type R

Honda isn’t releasing any details, but we do know that the 11th-generation Civic Type R should be released in late 2023 and cost about $40,000.

The appearance will probably be a lot better. Think of it as Tom Holland in the latest Spider-Man franchise, as opposed to the first, as the Honda Civic Type R is more mature in looks and power.

Honda will likely continue the current 306 horsepower, 295 lb-ft of torque without changing, but modifying, the four-pot. The current chassis will also evolve to the next step, with an improved dual axle front suspension. The size will probably remain more or less the same, with better aerodynamics. The prototype wore a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports, but the Type R wears higher-performing rubber.

To break a record on the Nordschleife, which is the focus of the teaser campaign, the Honda Civic Type R will have to complete a lap in less than the 7 minutes and 40.1 seconds recorded by the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R Nurburgring Pack. Given Honda’s precision, it could be a matter of time…

Source: Honda