The Ora Good Cat GT really does look like a Porsche caricature

The Ora Good Cat GT really does look like a Porsche caricature

The Ora Good Cat is one of the most intriguing electric vehicles to hit the market in the past 12 months and it’s hard to deny that when it’s on the move it certainly makes a pretty bold impression.

Images of this special Good Cat were shared on Facebook by Car News China and show the EV in GT form. When the car is launched in Europe, simply with the Ora Cat, the GT will be one of the variants on sale. In our eyes it looks like the caricature of a Porsche and that is certainly not a bad thing.

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A number of elements distinguish the GT model from the regular variant. The car has red accents on the front bumper, rear diffuser and the spoiler that protrudes from the roof. Furthermore, it stands on a set of unique wheels with gold-colored spokes and red accents. The car even has red brake calipers.

To make the car stand out even more, the flared wheel arches front and rear are finished in carbon fiber. As EVs go, the Ora Good Cat GT certainly looks pretty sporty, although the powertrain specs show it isn’t particularly geared towards high performance.

Chinese customers can purchase the Good Cat GT with either a 48 kWh or 63 kWh battery pack, with a range of 209 miles (336 km) and 261 miles (420 km) respectively. The juice of the available battery packs is a front-mounted electric motor that pumps out 169 horsepower and 184 lb-ft (250 Nm) of torque.

In the UK, the Ora Cat is available from £25,000 ($31,359) before the UK government’s £2,500 ($3,135) discount. This means the Cat undercuts the entry-level VW ID.3 by nearly £6,000 ($7,526). A 58 kWh battery pack serves as a base option in the UK, but the larger 63 kWh version of the Chinese model is also offered.