The top 10 luxury car brands in 2022

The top 10 luxury car brands in 2022

Luxury is built into the largest car brands. That luxury may be the heritage of an established name, still working today with the handcrafted methods they have always used. The latest technology is of course present, expressed discreetly. Above all, you want to be transported as if you were traveling to your penthouse in your own five-star boutique hotel, with the cares and misery of the world far away. Welcome to the world of luxury exclusivity with our top ten luxury car brands of 2022. Do you want a truly luxurious garage? Pick two or even three from our favorites.

10 best luxury car brands

Rolls Royce

Long the self-described makers of the best car in the world, your luxury journey with Rolls-Royce can begin, if you so choose, at the impressive Goodwood factory, where you are welcomed into a world that looks down upon other mere motorists. Rolls is now owned by BMW, so behind that walnut dashboard is the very latest in German technology. The choice is between Phantom in limousine shell, driver-friendly Ghost, Wraith coupé and Dawn convertible for the Riviera or – for the family – the controversial SUV Cullinan. Bespoke service is of course available if you want your own commissioning. Wafting doesn’t get any better than this.


Long a stable mate of Rolls-Royce in the past, Bentley now travels its own, very clear route. Built, as they have long been, in Crewe, each Bentley carries the heritage of a brand that has taken multiple Le Mans 24-hour victories and is still racing today. The company’s Flying Spur saloon may be the size of a small country house, but it can easily hit 250mph, making this a very fast saloon on wheels. VW ownership has not meant a dilution in quality: Continental GT and Cabrio have long shed their reputation as “football cars”, Bentayga is the obligatory super-SUV, preferably spec’d with diamond-patterned leather upholstery, of course hand-sewn.


The latest models from Stuttgart aim to corner the electric luxury market and Merc’s luxury history suggests that you shouldn’t be against their success. This is a company that has its origins in the very beginning of motoring, the founders produced the first car with an internal combustion engine. So they’ve practiced a bit, and it shows in their obsessive attention to luxurious details. S-Class Mercs have long set the standard for quiet, silky smooth, rapid progress, always innovating in the Mercedes tradition. EQE and EQS carry that on under battery power. Three-pointed star points the way.


Top-end BMWs are a masterclass in everything needed in luxury luxury motoring. Honestly, even at the lower end of BMW’s range – the company’s entry-level 1 and 2 series – there’s always a touch of luxury to glimpse the sybaritic delights waiting for those lucky enough have a 7 Series in their garage. Choose from the short- or long-wheelbase 7 Series – depending on how much room your plutocrat’s legs need – and decide whether you really need a W12 under the hood (hint: you’ve got it). BMW’s discreet style ensures a degree of anonymity.

North Star

Sweden’s newcomer to luxury cars, a spin-off of long-established Volvo, now owned by all-conquering Chinese giant Geely. That ownership represented a major investment in this electric/hybrid brand, which takes its name from Volvo’s performance division. Polestar 2 is the company’s more mundane automotive solution – think the battery-powered BMW 3 Series – while the Polestar 1 offers true high-tech luxury motoring for a new era. This impressive 2+2 coupe uses hybrid power while its construction is made of carbon fiber. Swedish minimalism is the key to internal style. Wonderfully subtle.


Yes, Audi. This German brand believes in progress through technology – “vorsprung durch technik” is the German expression every petrolhead knows – so in the company’s flagship limousine, the carbon and aluminum A8, luxury is expressed through the very latest materials and technology available. Choose four-wheel drive – Audi’s rally-proven Quattro system – if you need the ultimate in determined handling, and the factory-made armored version if you’re the head of state or executive director of an oil company. The high-performance S8 version is good for 190 mph, while you’re napping in the back.

Aston Martin

James Bond demands the best. Aston Martin delivers, as they’ve done for 007 since 1964’s ‘Goldfinger’. The company’s dedication to providing the best grand tourers means you’re not only traveling fast, but in luxurious quarters, largely handcrafted by the expert craftsmen at Aston’s headquarters in Warwickshire. Your biggest Aston dilemma is a delightful dilemma: which one to choose? DBS offers classic Aston V12 power, DB11 offers the choice of a V8, while the company’s fresh DBX does the unlikely trick of being an SUV that handles the way an Aston Martin should: brilliant.


Toyota’s luxury offshoot has been successful beyond everyone’s – and we suspect Toyota’s – wildest dreams, offering true luxury at less-than-luxurious prices. That said, the top-of-the-line LS isn’t exactly cheap, but compared to competing European-based options, it’s at least not that destructively expensive. The leather in the interior is top quality, while Lexus says optional door trim is inspired by “moonlight glistening on the sea”. Toyota parent company’s expertise in hybrid systems offers options for advancement in the inner-city low-emission zone, while you recline, with the footrest extended, on the rear massage seats.


Jaguar’s most famous advertising slogan was “grace, pace and space” and that applies to all of the big cat’s current offerings. Jaguar’s traditional large saloon at the moment is the XF and it may be the last of the breed as the market – and Jaguar with it – increasingly focuses on SUVs. Jaguar has them in abundance: choose the i-Pace for effortless electric advancement or the F-Pace for a car as capable as stablemate Land Rover’s products, but with the added luxury advantage that Jaguar has always specialised. Never less than truly special.

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