The Xbox Series X|S Is The Best Way To Play GRAND THEFT AUTO IV — GameTyrant

The Xbox Series X|S Is The Best Way To Play GRAND THEFT AUTO IV — GameTyrant

No one really knows when the inevitable is GTA VI launches, but many fans are using this waiting time to dive back in rock stars other classic titles to keep the carjacking enthusiasts at ease. With the recent release of the definitive editions of the classic trilogy, Rockstar is well aware that fans are more than willing to shell out the cash to play these classic titles with updated visuals and improved performance. It’s easy to say that a remaster of Grand Theft Auto IV will likely launch before we get any news about the latest entry in the series. However, GTA IV is currently best played on an unlikely contender.

GTA IV is known for having a less than desirable port on PC. In some cases, premium built PCs with higher specifications sometimes deliver worse performance than lower level PCs for GTA IV† It really doesn’t make sense, but unfortunately this is the result of terrible optimization. This kind of frustration causes PC players to seek help using mods and other means to improve the game’s performance and graphical fidelity, many of which have been somewhat successful.

The modding community for GTA IV is alive and well on PC. But even with the help of mods, the game suffers from sudden crashes and performance drops on the most powerful PC setups. But do not worry! There is still hope to experience this amazing with near optimal performance.

The best way to experience GTA IV today is on Xbox Series X|S, period. The game has a consistent performance of 60 fps no matter what is happening on the screen, and the loading times are reduced by more than 60%. This is a big upgrade from the Xbox One which ran the game at 30fps and little improvement in loading times. The Xbox series consoles deliver solid performance and quality of life upgrades to this classic title, but not all of them are perfect.