There has never been a better time to buy a Beater Car

Front angle view of beige 2005 Nissan Frontier, an unreliable used 2000s pickup truck to avoid

for many years, to buy a beater has been the last resort for many people. They can always be used whether it’s commuting, road trips or a project to work on. Sometimes it’s nice to have a car that you don’t have to worry about as much. However, in 2022, new and used car prices are the highest they have ever been. There has never been a better time to buy a reliable knock car.

Beater cars can provide transportation for a reasonable price

Junkyard parts around a rusted old car in a junkyard

Rusted old classic car in a junkyard | Sean Stratton via Unsplash

If you’re someone who just needs to get from point A to point B efficiently, beater cars may be the way to go. New and used cars are expensive, so an older model year car with a number well into the six digits on the odometer could be the way to go. Many dealers even sell specialized, limited edition new cars that are well above the sticker price. It’s time you bought a beater.