These are the 14 best cars that Jalopnik reviewed in 2021

These are the 14 best cars that Jalopnik reviewed in 2021
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PhotoDavid Tracy

What makes the Rivian R1T such an incredible vehicle? Well, reviewer David Tracy was so excited about it he couldn’t help but call Jason Torchinsky to gouge:

The Rivian R1T isn’t perfect. The software has bugs, there are some mild build quality issues on the pre-production trucks I’ve driven, the front camera is grainy, the 4 wheel drive system kicks rocks when you don’t want it, pedal modulation can get hard to get used to off-road road, articulation isn’t great, and the truck costs a lot (the ones I drove were over $70 grand) and weighs a lot (about 7,000 pounds).

Moreover, it is not great as a company car. The bed is small, and while the towing capacity is 11,000 pounds, towing that heavy load—especially in an uphill trailer—will likely lead to double-digit reach figures; the same goes for carrying a lot of weight in the bed. although Rivian says its fast chargers can take the truck’s battery from zero to 140 miles in just 20 minutessuch a short distance would be annoying considering the poorbut-growing charging infrastructure.

Despite all this, the Rivian R1T is a masterpiece and a real enthusiast’s machine for people who like to drive their trucks every day and who don’t feel like towing long distances. It’s exceptional off-road and great on the road, it looks great, the interior is beautiful, the useful and sometimes unnecessary gadgets are incredibly charming and the acceleration is absurd.

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