These are the best cars made in the 80s

These are the best cars made in the 80s
A photo of a silver Ford Ranger pickup truck.

Photo: Ford

“Clear picks have been posted on the Kinja threads (959, F40, Grand National, etc).

“However, the BEST vehicles of the 80s are alike: the S10/Sonoma and the Ford Ranger.

“Useful beyond their stated specs. Endlessly abused by contractors, delivery guys and teenagers. cancelled. Reduced. Engine swapped.

“Back in my high school days, you could ALWAYS count on a $300 Ranger/S10 floating around when you needed wheels. They’d be laughed at and have strange – albeit permanent – ​​smells… but they’d do whatever was asked.”

The Ranger was launched by Ford in 1983 as a compact pickup truck. Before that, it was a trim level on the much larger trucks of the Blue Oval.

Proposed by: Scott Pro (Facebook)