These are the best fast Ford cars of all time

These are the best fast Ford cars of all time
A photo of the Ford Sweepstakes car in a museum.

Photo: F.D. Richards via Wikimedia Commons

“The best fast Ford is the 1901 ‘Sweepstakes’ race car, driven by Ford itself.

“539 cubes of 26 horsepower, where if Ford, a complete amateur, hadn’t beat the driver of the time, Alexander Winton, Ford would have sunk. Ford had to prove that his car was reliable so that investors would give him the capital he needed. All he had to do was beat and win the Senna of his time. So really an impossible task.

“It was a 10-mile endurance race at speeds of 70 mph. Winton’s car broke down, so Ford proved the quality of his team’s work, and his reputation was due to Henry Ford’s one and only victory. Ford got its investors.

“So no Sweepstakes win, then no FoMoCo, then no GT40, etc – it was all about this car.”

Let’s start at the beginning because it’s a really good place to start.

Well, actually it might not be like one commenter claims that this is actually a Cadillac. I’ll let yeardley68 explain:

“This car attracted investors to the Henry Ford Company. Ford’s goal was to make cheaper cars. The goal of his investors was to make expensive cars.

“By 1903, Ford had been fired from the Henry Ford Company. Ford used his payout to form the Ford Motor Company. The investors have renamed Henry Ford Cadillac.”

The more you know.

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