These are the best features of the 2015 Volkswagen Eos

2015 Volkswagen Eos

Allow me to introduce you to the Volkswagen Goddess of the dawn. The name may sound like something uttered by a bored cat, but Volkswagen borrowed the word, hopefully respectfully, from the Greek goddess of the dawn. This wouldn’t be the first VW nameplate inspired by Greek methodology.

Just as VW Atlas was dedicated to the stamina personified Titan god who supported the pillars of heaven and prevented it from falling to the earth, VW Eos symbolizes the goddess who rose every morning to open the gates of heaven so that the sun can shine on us terrestrial beings.

However, Eos is more than just the gatekeeper of heaven. She didn’t even live there; she would rise from the river to heaven every morning. She is often described as having pink hands opening those pearly white gates, almost as if the gates would succumb to her “pink” charm. The German automaker was confident that this car will make its way through the most critical minds. No wonder Eos is often associated with intense love, desire and art.

Some even say that Eos was cursed by Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love and pleasure. Based on the Mk5 VW Golf, no one can deny that the front-wheel drive retractable hardtop 2015 Volkswagen Eos is indeed an object of beauty, love and desire, so that her departure made her loved ones long for her return. Not even its competitors, especially BMW 128i, Mini Cooper S and Lexus IS 250C could make us forget her warm radiance.

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Key facts about the Volkswagen Eos 2015

Volkswagen AG, among its parent company Porsche SEbuilt and introduced the Eos to the North American market at the Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2006. The sporty compact convertible coupe was sold from 2006 to 2015. Unlike competitors such as the Lexus IS C and Audi A4 Cabriolet, Eos did not have a hardtop bodywork equivalent.

Volkswagen introduced it to continue the great success of the Golf Cabriolet from the 1980s. It was also the first mass-produced coupe to bear the VW decal since the Volkswagen Corrado that ended its journey in 1995. VW Eos, like most things in life, was best saved for last. We are talking about a renewed roof seal that does not leak; a 5-piece electrically retractable hardtop with a panoramic electric sunroof. It was the only retractable hardtop with this design.

Other major makeovers that came as standard include;

electrically heated side mirrors with built-in turn signals, heated front seats, wind deflector, touchscreen six-CD DYNASOUND system with Bluetooth streaming audio and iPod connectivity, LED taillights, dual exhaust tips, navigation system, leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel, among others.

Unfortunately, Eos was already experiencing declining sales, along with other brands in its class, due to the decline in global demand for convertibles as consumers gravitated towards pure soft-tops. After selling a paltry 8,000 units worldwide in 2013, US sales fell another 18% the following year, with just 3,411 Eos sold. While the German automaker chose not to continue with the Mk5-based Eos or move to a newer platform, it bent away from the retractable hardtop segment by launching a mid-level Final Edition trim in 2015.

Talk about going out with a bang.

However, the Final Edition is just one of three 2015 Eos trim levels. Others include the Komfort Edition and the Executive Edition, whose names are both self-descriptive. The Final Edition seems to be a fan favorite as it replaced the Eos Sport trim with cool features like a rear view camera, rain sensor wipers, unique interior trim and 18-inch Vicenza wheels.

Do you remember the competitors we mentioned earlier? The 2015 Eos offers more cargo space than the Mini Cooper S but couldn’t beat the trunk space of the BMW 128i and Lexus IS 250C. Considering that the BMW and Lexus are high-end luxury convertible hardtops with higher price tags, the lovely Eos suffers no shame in this.

As for what was under the hood of the 2015 VW Eos, it comes standard with a 2.0L V4 turbo engine clocking 200 horses at 5,100 rpm and 207 lb-ft of torque at 1,700 rpm. An automated six-speed DSG dual-clutch manual transmission transfers power from the front wheels to the road.

The transmission system comes with Sport mode for faster response. Electrically assisted power steering and independent four-wheel suspension are also standard. The EPA’s estimated fuel economy is city/highway 22/30 mpg. As with all turbocharged engines, premium fuel is recommended.

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Final thoughts on the Volkswagen Eos 2015

The sun may have set for the VW goddess of dawn, but not for those who don’t mind having a coupe/4-passenger/conve hardtop bundle in one car. It wouldn’t match the Lexus IS C, but it holds up quite well and proudly, thanks to its advanced engine and transmission system.

The 2015 Eos feels like two cars in one; a dual personality thanks to its 2-door coupe and convertible body type, so you drive in an absolute coupe with the hood open, and a convertible with the hood down. Of course, the Lexus IS C, for example, offers a similar dual personality, but at a much higher price tag. Add the turbocharged inline-4 plus the many premium features, and you have your 101 reasons to fall in love with the goddess of the dawn.

While the Final Edition appears to be the most desirable of the three Eos editions of 2015, the Executive Edition is generally the best of the three and carries the highest price tag. The original MSRP for the three finishes ranged from $36,000 to $43,000. Pricey yet cheaper than competitors like the Infiniti Q60 and Lexus IS C.

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