These are the best features of the 2022 Volkswagen GTi

2022 VW GTI drive

The very first Volkswagen GTi came on the market in 1983, also called Volkswagen Golf Mk2. Since the first model, the GTi has made big strides with bigger engines, incredible performance figures and great prices to compete with competitors like the Ford Focus ST and Abarth 595.

In 2022, Volkswagen will introduce a new GTi model, which looks more refined and slightly more powerful. While it may not be the GTi’s biggest improvement and rebuild ever, it has had some pretty impressive features since then.

In that regard, let’s take a closer look at the best features of the 2022 Volkswagen GTi.

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After news hit the headlines in the US that Volkswagen would stop selling their Golf models, the GTi and R models are fortunately spared for some. The GTi will therefore be a new addition to the Volkswagen range that American customers do not have to miss.

The new Volkswagen GTi from 2022 immediately has a unique selling point, which will probably convince many sports car drivers. This is the 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder developing 241 horsepower, 13 more than the previous model. While this ability isn’t a huge leap, it is certainly a leap in the right direction.

Its engine makes the new GTI faster in a straight line, which pays tribute to its electronically controlled differential lock and braking torque. Both offer a revival for the new GTi in entertainment value. Combined with the engine is the brilliantly tuned chassis, which offers sharp responses and a neither too firm nor too soft to drive.

In just 551 feet, the 2022 GTi can reach 70 MPH, making it quite fast off the start line and ideal for those who enjoy racing or an exhilarating ride in an affordable sports car. The 2022 Volkswagen GTi is nothing but affordable with a starting price of $30,875.

Adjustable mood lighting

Volkswagen’s latest iteration of the sixth-generation Polo GTi comes with a few highly anticipated updates and some extras that customers will absolutely love. One is an adjustable mood lighting system, which offers 30 different colors and tones to set the mood. Drivers can choose red for a romantic driver or a nice green hue to get the feeling of driving in nature.

While this is not a necessity or a feature that can sell the car immediately, it provides a unique feature that makes the car that little bit more fun and unique.

Other interior features that go perfectly with the mood lighting are the two large displays, a 10.3-inch meter cluster and an additional 10.0-inch touchscreen. Both are controlled by the same piano edge, making the interior convenient and simplistic. This modern technology is coupled with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allowing the screens to connect familiar phone apps and menu structures.

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Driver seat memory settings

The interior and overall design of the new Volkswagen GTi for 2022 is impeccable. Not only are there great and handy technological gadgets to play with, but the interior also offers a lot of comfort.

Opting for higher trim on the GTi will allow customers to add comfortable and luxurious seats. Not only are the upgraded seats ventilated and upholstered in leather, but the seats also have driver memory settings. This means that at the touch of a button, the driver can get into the car every time and be back in the exact same position. The memory foam provides super comfortable cushioning and the settings make it easy to adjust the seating position without having to do much.

It looks like the GTi has more upgrades on the inside than on the outside. There are a few tweaks to the exterior, including slimmer LED headlights, a lower grille and fog lights integrated into the mesh. Yet the interior has much more to say. In addition to the lighting and seating options, there is more space in the 2022 model. Growing by an inch in total, the GTi furthers its impressive passenger accommodations and cargo space.

Overall, the 2022 Volkswagen GTi is a totally new ball game compared to its younger siblings. While there are some similar features, the 2022 model seems more modern, futuristic and nicer than others. With fun mood lighting, more power and more comfort, there’s a lot to love about the latest model of the Volkswagen GTi.

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