These are the best features of the 2023 Lincoln Corsair SUV

White Lincoln Corsair Reserve in front of building

The 2023 Lincoln Corsair SUV is arriving soon, orders are being placed now and a plethora of new features are on the way. The first and foremost of these features is a range of new driver assistance systems that allow drivers to perform many functions hands-free and also keep them safer while driving. These new systems give drivers many options and enhance their driving experience in ways previously unavailable.

The vehicle also has options for engines and multiple driving modes are both available and customizable. With a carefully crafted exterior and interior, this SUV from Lincoln aims to attract younger drivers by making safety-based technology and luxury features more attractive. Read on to learn more about the features of the 2023 Lincoln Corsair SUV and why its driver assistance systems are most notable.

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2023 Lincoln Corsair gets new driver assistance systems

The new driver assistance systems which the Corsair is equipped is perhaps the most striking and defining feature of the 2023 model. These systems have been refined to enhance the driving experience and make safety a higher priority.

Making its debut among Lincoln vehicles here, the next-generation Lincoln ActiveGlide 1.2 is hands-free for speeds up to 80 MPH and is used for highway driving, within lane positioning, lane switching and predictive speed assist. These have many advantages and practical applications for motorists, such as being able to enter and exit the highway freely and safely and easily change lanes. The system even goes so far as to suggest changing lanes when traffic is slowing down. All the driver needs to do is tap the turn signal and the vehicle will change lanes hands-free.

The speed is also adjusted when there is a sharp turn via Predictive Speed ​​Assist, and the driver is notified immediately before the speed change. Blind spots also seem to be a problem for drivers, but with the new Blind Spot Assist, any motorcyclists and vehicles within the blind spots are detected and the driver is warned via a light in the side mirror.

Intersection Assist 2.0 also belongs to the driver assistance systems. This specific function is intended to be aware of possible collisions when turning, especially with pedestrians. Lincoln’s North American director, Michael Sprague, noted how the company specifically designed and engineered these driver assistance systems to be attractive and effortless, and that this would help attract younger drivers to a luxury Lincoln vehicle.

Solid engine complete with driving mode adjustment

The engine for the Corsair has some powerful specs, and even better? The riding modes are customizable. There are a few options for engines. One option is the 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged gas engine with 250 hp, while another option is the 2.5-litre plug-in hybrid engine that delivers 266 hp. Another feature of the Lincoln Corsair SUV is that it can effortlessly switch between front and four-wheel drive when road conditions necessitate a change.

The vehicle also has numerous driving modes depending on the engine. Both engine types have Normal, Excite, Slippery and Conserve driving modes, while the plug-in hybrid engine adds Preserve EV and Pure EV. Preserve EV is used to conserve battery power even when the engine and motor are still running, while Pure EV ensures that the vehicle remains in all-electric mode despite the conditions, with a boost from the hybrid engine when called upon.

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2023 Corsair shows off aesthetically inspiring interior and exterior

Both the interior and exterior have been carefully designed to have some pleasing appearances with the features they offer. There are two interior themes available on Corsair: Smoked Truffle and Eternal Red. Smoked Truffle has a contemporary and familiar look, with medium-dark soft accents and a mid-tone color. The goal is to feel restorative, rich and warm. The Eternal Red theme, on the other hand, is more youthful, fresh and bold, and has an energetic feel with aluminum accents from Pista.

In addition, two new external colors, Crystal Red and Whisper Blue, are available. Regardless of color, the 2023 Lincoln Corsair will have a new and larger grille, as well as wing-shaped daytime running lights to make the aesthetic look more youthful, modern and attractive, as is the goal for the new iteration of Corsair models. Multiple wheel options are also available, and a streamlined lower instrument panel will be placed below the center console screen to make the front row more spacious.

2023 Lincoln Corsair: Other New Luxury Features

Of course, aesthetics aren’t the only highlight of the 2023 Corsair. A few other features are quite distinctive and beneficial. Alexa will play a prominent role as there will be an Alexa Built-in hands-free experience, complete with free connectivity to Alexa for three years. Alexa’s voice commands allow drivers to control devices, request navigation assistance, listen to music, and get help with various tasks.

In addition, the air in the cabin can be purified and filtered thanks to the available Auto Air Refresh, which helps to remove particles from pollen, smog, tobacco smoke, dust and more. A larger 13.2-inch display with an LCD cluster will also be part of the package, and software updates will also be included in the list of features.

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