These are the best features of the Volkswagen ID.4 from 2022

Volkswagen ID.4 2022

if you think about Volkswagen, you might immediately think of the popular and iconic “slug bug!” Beetle. However, the German manufacturer has experienced explosive growth beyond their original flagship and in recent years has expanded its territory to delve into the world of electric vehicle (EV) production – and has done so very successfully with their “ID” – line up.

Since 2017, Volkswagen has refocused on their electrification plan, aiming to launch at least 30 EV models by 2025 and get up to 25% of their annual sales volume from EVs. On the road to achieving those goals, the company has developed EV versions of sedans, race cars, SUVs, and even dune buggies.

In 2020, the company began production of the ID.4, a compact crossover SUV that the company intended to appeal to “the millions, not the millionaires”. Voted “World Car of the Year” and one of the Wards “10 Best User Experiences” in 2021, the ID.4 is packed with outstanding features and technology and the 2022 year of the electric car is now available for pre-order!

Let’s take a closer look at the best features of the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4!

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Specifications and statistics of the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4

Based on the ID.Crozz and ID.Crozz II prototypes that debuted at the Shanghai and Frankfurt motor shows in 2017, the ID.4 was seen in concept, but camouflaged to avoid drawing the attention of the new to the car. ID.3, at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. The ID.4 production version was unveiled in September 2020 and was made to target the North American market (while the ID.3 was mainly aimed at the European market ). According to Volkswagen Group of America CEO Scott Keogh, the ID.4 “drives like a GTI, has the packaging of a Tiguan and the purpose of the Beetle.”

In its second year in the market, the 2022 iteration promises to maintain those values ​​and deliver even more through a few minor changes. The SUV will be offered in two additional trim levels for the year 2022 – Pro and Pro S, priced at $42,435 and $46,925 respectively as well as an optional upgrade to a dual-motor, four-wheel drive drivetrain for increased performance and horsepower offered at $3680 more.

With the standard rear-mounted engine, the ID.4 can generate up to 201 horsepower (upped to 295 with the optional twin-engine, four-wheel drive version). The towing capacity is up to 2700 LBS. The EV is a bit sluggish in acceleration in return though, taking 7.6 seconds to accelerate from 0-60 MPH (reduced to 5.4 seconds in the upgraded four-wheel drive).

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The best features and technologies in the Volkswagen ID.4 of 2022

Some of the best features of the ID.4 are the technology integrated into the SUV. The 82 kWh battery pack can power the SUV for up to 280 miles and can be recharged with 135 kW DC fast charging (up from last year’s 125 kW). In addition, regenerative braking provides nominal energy recovery when decelerating. Perhaps the best money-saving feature related to charging, however, comes from Electrify America – three years of unlimited 30-minute charging sessions for buyers.

Another great piece of technology in the ID.4 is the ID.Light. This light bar that runs across the SUV’s dashboard is intuitive and uses both incandescent lights and audible signals to notify the driver of things like incoming calls, charge status and alerts.

The ID.4 is generally very intuitive and clearly designed with operator convenience in mind. The SUV has an intuitive start function that ‘senses’ your presence and starts the car when a person with the remote takes the driver’s seat – the car activates all functions, turns on screens and prepares to drive.

Though a little less tech forward than the ID.Crozz concept, the ID.4’s cabin and interior are still incredibly comfortable. Heated front cloth seats are standard in the SUV and upgraded to faux leather with 12-way adjustability (with memory function) on the Pro S trim.

The cabin is remarkably quiet and also has ample cargo space (30.3 square feet) – with the ability to fold down the rear seats for even more space (up to 64.2 square feet in total). The area seems even more spacious thanks to a large panoramic glass roof that has the option of becoming more opaque to reduce the light coming in through an electric sunshade.

In addition to being packed with technology for convenience, the ID.4 is also packed with safety features. Enhanced safety and driver assistance technology in the SUV is provided by a system known as: ID.DRIVE and includes travel assistance, reversing warnings, active blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, emergency assistance, lane assistant, light assistant, parking controls, dynamic road sign display and front assistance. These features contributed to the ID.4 being named a “Top Safety Pick+” in 2022 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

There are many features to love in the 2022 ID.4. Overall, though, the ID.4’s technological advancements and interior comfort make it one of the top picks for 2022 in the E-SUV market. It is very advanced not only in terms of convenience but also in terms of security and has won awards for its ease of use and overall commitment to security, and best of all it is available for pre-order now!

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