These Hidden Gems Are The Top 5 Coolest Cars No One Bought Last Year

2022 Mini Countryman in the Mud

Buying a new car in the past two years has been a journey. There is a huge car shortage due to the increasing demand from the pandemic, and production delays exacerbate long construction times. With that in mind, it’s hard to imagine that in 2022 there were model cars, trucks, or SUVs that weren’t bought. Much less that are really worth buying. However, Consumer Reports says consumers have been missing out on some great models. Here’s the top five coolest cars nobody bought last year.

2022 Mini Countryman | mini

How do you buy one of the coolest cars during the shortage?

The key to navigating today’s new car market is by having insane luck, tons of money, or trying to find the models no one else wants. Are there any decent cars flying under the radar right now?