Things to consider when choosing who can reupholster your car

Removing old car seat leather upholstery during a reupholster process on a salvaged luxury car

Our vehicles show wear and tear from use and age over time and require maintenance. Depending on the quality of the material, excessive sun exposure, or simply a poorly placed tool or pointed object, you can easily find tears or cracks in your upholstery. These cracks and fissures are not only an eyesore, but can also lower the trade-in or trade-in value of your car. Of course it is best to avoid tears and cracks as much as possible, but sometimes reupholstering your car or truck is unavoidable.

What does it take to reupholster your chairs

Removing old leather car seat cover during a reupholstery process on a salvaged luxury car

Remove old car seat leather | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Many drivers put off reupholstering their vehicle because it is expensive. According to Vermont Car Enthusiastsyou can pay up to $800 for a car upholstery kit and about $750 for a professional to install it.