This fake Tesla Cybertruck from India is one of the best replicas to date

This fake Tesla Cybertruck from India is one of the best replicas to date

It’s been more than three years since the fully electric Tesla Cybertruck was presented to the world, and while it has yet to reach customers’ hands, that hasn’t stopped a number of enthusiasts from all corners of the globe from creating Cybertruck replicas.

We’ve seen a plethora of Cybertruck replicas since late 2019. These include one of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at least two from Russia, and even one made of wood in the United States. This latest Cybertruck replica appears to be one of the most accurate and was brought to life in India.

Watch: Someone in Russia has made a functional Tesla Cybertruck replica

This particular Cybertruck replica was spotted in Lonavala in Western India and while details on this are limited, the owner has done a surprisingly good job of mimicking the design of the real Cybertruck and inevitably doing so for much less money than the electric pick-up truck. up will actually cost. .

It’s impossible to say what vehicle this Cybertruck started its life with, but in a YouTube video of the pickup, it seems possible it’s based on a custom steel platform that allowed the owner to do a good job of balancing the proportions of the Tesla.

Besides that the silver body looks very similar the real Tesla, the pickup is also fitted with large off-road tires and has the same black wheel arches. Oddly, it doesn’t have a windshield and also lacks headlights and taillights, meaning it wouldn’t be very useful for street driving.