This Ford Fox Body Mustang GT Is So Good We Want Another Yesterday

Fox-Body Ford Mustang GT Render By Instagrammer And Well-Known 3D Designer & Animator, Rostislav Prokop

The Ford The Mustang Fox’s bodywork was slightly different for different people, as it debuted at the end of the slump era, when the US auto industry was booming. When they launched the GT versions, things started to pick up.

Instagrammer and well-known 3D designer and animator, Rostislav Prokop, sees the Fox bodied Mustang GT more like a hero and its three renders prove it. Because they look so good, we wanted one yesterday.

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This is the Fox Body Mustang everyone needs

Rostislav has made three renders of the Ford Mustang GT Fox body and they all have a light Mad Max: Fury Road-like feel, with a Cyclops headlight that can be anything from a headlamp, an LED kit, a front exhaust or well, the sky is the limit.

The first shows the ‘Stang in bright orange, as a very scavenging avatar, with a front grille that looks more like a weapon. Honestly this could turn the road into sushi just by driving over it.

The second comes in silver, and if Batman could get rid of black a bit we could see him riding with this, especially as the rear looks sleek, in a very dystopian design that all eyes would be on. The grille at the front gets a sleeker treatment and there is a hood scoop that is easy to see from space.

Finally, the latter is in red, and this is the car that could be any racer’s nightmare if they were the competition. A large scoop on the hood, Cyclops eye, vibrant patina, and the attitude and lowered appearance of this car are enough to stop any other car in its track. Even on the track.

We would be happy with just about any of these.

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Reminiscent of the Fox Body Mustang GT

The Fox-body Ford Mustang lasted from 1979 to 1993, so named because it came to ride on Ford’s new and economical Fox platform. It provided one of the most enduring body styles for muscle cars of all time, and is still hailed as a classic today.

In 1982, the Fox-body Mustang brought back the GT variant after a 13-year hiatus with the slogan “The Boss is Back.” It marked the unofficial end of the slump era, at least for the ‘Stang. It was the fastest Mustang at the time, with a redesigned, powerful Windsor 4.9-liter V8 with an output of 137 horsepower. This is the car Prokop used to make his renders and why they look so good. Do you agree?

Source: Instagram page Rostislav Prokop