This is a $10,000 Chrome Wrap order

Why Is A Chrome Wrap So Expensive

Jay the wrapping specialist takes to YouTube to explain why a chrome wrap on a vehicle can be so expensive, especially more so than other types of vehicle wraps. If you’ve ever wondered why a quality chrome wrap on your vehicle can cost upwards of $10,000, check out his in-depth explanation of the cost, process and painstaking attention to detail it takes to complete a quality chrome wrap job. complete. Later, he shows off a matte cover on a crazy one RAM TRX Hennessey Mammoet 1,000.

The cost of a chrome cover

He immediately mentions that one of the questions he is often asked is why it costs $10,000 for a chrome wrap, especially when there are other stores that may charge less. It turns out that there are a number of reasons why the special wrap is more expensive. Firstly, Jay The Wrap Specialist only uses high-quality chrome, something that other wrap specialists don’t always take into account. That alone adds to the cost to complete the car. In addition, chrome wrappers take longer to complete than other types of wrappers, which not only increases labor costs but also total time to complete.

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One of the main reasons a chrome wrap takes extra time is that chrome doesn’t stretch and therefore needs to be cut in multiple pieces on a vehicle and custom fit. The more uneven the surface of the car, the more complicated the wrapping process becomes. The chrome should not only be placed in pieces, it should also look cohesive and seamless, a process that Jay The Wrap Specialist pays close attention to. As he showed on Tik Tok, he doesn’t shy away from removing entire wraps from vehicles in the process if they don’t meet his high standards.

His higher prices allow for the perfectionism because he is not forced to work with mistakes that can happen, something that other stores often have to work around because they cannot afford additional materials. As the adage goes “you get what you pay for” and in the case of Jay The Wrap Specialist you get a premium wrap with extreme attention to detail and quality with the best chrome money can buy. If you own a Corvette or a brand new Genesis SUV, as the video shows, you probably want the job done correctly and to a high standard.

Packaged Ram TRX Mammoth 1000

After discussing the process of applying a chrome wrap to a car and the associated costs that come with it, Jay takes us outside to take a look at two recently wrapped Ram TRX pickup trucks. . The first, a military green Ram TRX with the Hennessey Performance Mammoth 1,000 package added, almost looks like paint with the matte color and ceramic coating over the wrap. With the clean install, it looks like it just left the factory. With the Mammoth 1,000 modifications, this already potent Ram delivers 1,012 horsepower and 969 lb-ft of torque. Jay notes that completing this Ram was harder than it looks, but they were able to complete a clean performance with lines you can’t see.

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In addition to the green TRX, there is a red one that has additionally been treated with PPF or paint protection film that helps to protect the vehicle’s paint from damage from rocks, debris or anything else the vehicle might encounter that would damage or add to the paintwork. markings. The video is a great illustration of how chrome wraps work, what goes in them, and some subtle ways to add some customization to one of the most muscular pickup trucks available in the world today.