This is the best Land Rover barn find ever with the classic Limited Edition Defender 110s

Twisted is making a cool new series based on Land Rover Defender 110s

The new Land Rover Defender 110 was launched in 2020. Despite the original Defenders being flashier, more comfortable and more for the Range Rover crowd than the farmers and outdoor adventurers of the world, the original Defenders still hold a place in the hearts of many . land rover worshippers.

Normally, these individuals still own their trusty Land Rovers, which although they break down. Put it back on the road with relative ease. But for those who didn’t get the chance to buy these rural British workhorses before Jaguar Land Rover pulled them from sale in 2016, Twisted reveals there are 16 units for sale.

Stored dry in 2016 and nurtured with all the necessary maintenance, these 4x4s are now for sale. With the 110 celebrating 40 years since it came on the market, Twisted believes now is the time to sell their ultimate latest edition Land Rover 110s.

Sixteen of these custom Defenders from Twisted are on sale, each for over $200,000.

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This is what Twisted does

Twisted is to Land Rovers what Singer is to classic 911s. An aftermarket expert who makes your dreams come true. Thirsk-based Land Rover enthusiasts regularly dropped LS engines into the 4×4 before the end of the original Land Rover Defender, as well as adding more luxurious features such as padded leather seats. In 2020 Twisted started operations in the United States.

The company continues to modify the owner’s vehicles. However, with no new cars from Solihull, Twisted no longer has an abundance of stock Twisted Land Rovers for sale. While a few years ago their vehicles seemed like positive bargains, the company moved into the higher market. Current stock includes EV converted Land Rover vehicles and relatively pristine classic vehicles.

A Twisted Land Rover sees light re-engineering. With a restyled front with a Twisted badge, these look unmistakably like Defenders, but like Overfinch and Khan’s, there’s a little twist. Twisted aim to make the Land Rover Defender more livable. Whether that is through the addition of luxury features or more powerful engines.

You must apply to get a new Twisted Defender

According to Twisted “Everyone is one of one”. With only 16 vehicles in stock in 2016, the stock of these limited edition Twisted Defenders is obviously low. As a result, you have to sign up to get one of these special vehicles.

To make each of these cars even more rare, Twisted bought two of each color on sale, a five-seater and a seven-seater station wagon. At the time of writing, four of these have been sold. Impressive considering Twisted is asking £135,000 for the utility wagon and £145,000 for the 7 seat station wagon, excluding tax.

That’s over $150,000 for what was once a farm car that was also used on hunting trips. It is clear that by leaving production, the Defender entered the realm of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. With practically no supply, demand grew exponentially. For perspective, Classic Cars states that the average Defender 110 Wagon in the United States sells for just $64,507.

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How to specify your One or One Twisted Defender?

These frankly extortionate prices go for options. Twisted list either the 300 hp 2.3-litre petrol engine or the traditional 174 hp 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. Kindly ask and push them enough money and Twisted is sure to drop a fruitier engine in the car for you. As for pricing, there’s more bad news, the petrol engine starts at £174,500 excluding taxes, so yeah that’s over $200,000 for a Defender.

Taking into account the extra power in their cars, Twisted equipped these cars with performance six-pot fronts and four-pot calipers at the rear. With 20 years of experience in reworking these classic off-roaders, Twisted developed a progressive suspension system for these classic off-roaders. This uses dual-rate springs, modified damping, and stiffer sway bars.

This not only pays off off-road, but also improves handling on the road. After all, most of these defenders with too high a value will no longer leave the asphalt. Instead, they have a life of commuting around town and hitting the occasional curb, just like their competitors G Wagon and Range Rover.

These cars also have a reworked interior as standard. Standard Defenders are difficult to spend any time in, are uncomfortable, loud and often leaky. These cars are relics of a bygone era in automotive design. Not to mention the complete lack of technology like mobile connectivity or satellite navigation.

Twist takes all necessary steps to resolve these issues. Realigning the panels removes the panel gaps from the handcrafted car and makes the vehicle watertight. Not content with just this Twisted adds much-needed soundproofing.

To make it a luxury SUV, Twisted has refinished all touchpoints with customer choice leather and stitching of choice. The ubiquitous central display with Android Auto and Car Play also appears here along with an eight-speaker sound system.

Source: Twisted Automotive