This is what happens when a top-gun jet fighter meets F1: the Delage V12

Delage D12 Featured Image

Thanks to YouTuber, MrJWW, we get closer, up close and personal with this incredible 7.6-litre road-legal supercar.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​is the perfect place for automakers to showcase their machines. These are usually the biggest names in the industry, but a few new names in the car manufacturing world, such as Hennessey and their Venom F5, were on hand to show their stuff.

Thanks to Mr JWW on YouTube, we see the Delage D12, a supercar described as the Top Gun of cars and a bit of Formula 1 for the road.

A V12-powered monster

The idea of ​​this car from its creators Delage was about creating something very close to a Formula 1 car, but of course one that can take to the road. It has a monocoque carbon fiber chassis, with a crash box in the front like we see on an F1 car. And it has a lot of downforce, with a narrow nose and an active aerodynamic nose section. It even has a front wing that resembles that of an F1. The car also produces a lot of downforce and it looks just as impressive as the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

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Really getting to know the Delage D12

Even the brake lines mimic those of a Formula 1 car, hidden in the wheels behind the nose of the Delage. The car also draws warm air from the brakes to keep them as cool as possible. Michelin all-weather tires are on the car, especially the Cup 2 tires. The less track-oriented version of the car will have Pilot Sport tires. In the cockpit it starts to look like a fighter jet, with the almost bubble-like hood and then the F1-style steering wheel. It is certainly a special looking car.

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As close to F1 as possible

Another thing that stands out is the very central driving position and how things like the heating and steering wheel are all shaped to suit the individual customer. So you have the perfect feeling in an F1 car. The steering wheel is even removable for getting in and out like in F1.

The 7.6-litre engine is naturally aspirated, a rarity now. The engine, built in-house by Delage, produces 1,100 hp. Former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve even lent a hand in developing the car, and when Mr JWW starts the V12 there is certainly a lot of energy and intensity behind it.

Source: Mr JWW YouTube Channel