This is why the Genesis G80 is one of the best sedans for car enthusiasts

Genesis G80 - Front Quarter

Genesis has recently taken many steps in the right direction. From humble beginnings with just two thin-skinned Hyundais, to a lineup that rightly qualifies as a full-fledged luxury brand. Although it took them a handful of years to get to where they are today, we will forgive them for the fact that their vehicles are well thought out.

You would think that if you want a compelling Genesis you should go for the G70 or the GV70 as these are the two marketed as the sportiest in the Genesis range. But that doesn’t take into account how impressively sporty the Genesis G80 actually is. In many ways, we’d actually prefer the G80 as an enthusiast car over Genesis’ other offerings.

This is why the Genesis G80 is a must to drive if you like an exciting ride.

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The Genesis G80 sports package makes it even more fun

although all iterations of the G80 are commendable for their performance, the Sport trim is the one that reigns as the performance king among the G80s. This is because it comes standard with its twin-turbo V6 engine that gives you access to 375 horsepower. This is the same drivetrain used in sportier versions of the GV70 crossover, and it does the performance change just as well in the G80 as it does in its acclaimed stable mate.

Exclusive to this version includes such things as an additional driving mode called “Sport +”. This gives you access to transmission tuning that shifts in a sportier way and a throatier exhaust note. Although all G80 Sports have four-wheel drive as standard, you don’t lose the fun of a rear-wheel drive vehicle. This is because the G80 still has a backward biased system that allows you to have the driving dynamics of a sports car with the added control of four-wheel drive.

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The Genesis G80 Is A Sleeper Sedan

One of the best things about driving the G80 around is that it is definitely a sleeper. That’s not to say it looks good, you’d rather see it as a car that coddles you when you drive it, rather than perfectly capable of cornering at high speeds. On the sports equipment, there is a revised front end that gives it sporty flair, but does not reveal its secret. This is in stark contrast to competitors like the Lexus ES 350 F Sport which looks almost too sporty and doesn’t even match the G80’s power numbers.

One of the best things about driving the G80 as a car enthusiast is knowing it’s confident in its capabilities without trying to be flashy about it. There are so many other luxury sedans in this segment that give you all the extra performance styling you could wish for, but with an asthmatic four-cylinder under the hood. Fortunately, with the Genesis G80 you know that it does not play games.