This is why the new Mercedes AMG C43 Wagon is one of the best all-rounders


The body style of the car may have declined in popularity in recent years, but the performance version of these cars has actually increased. Hot wagons have always been popular in Europe, but unfortunately the North American market has been denied many of these excellent models over the years. While 2020 is a year to forget for many reasons, one of the reasons to celebrate is the year Audi finally brought the Audi RS6 to the US in the form of the fourth-generation C8 model.

Mercedes-Benz similarly produces a good selection of hot cars, including the new 2023 C43. AMG cars have always been one of the nicest cars on the market and offer the driver a very responsive ride. Modern engineering in this car means that pleasure is now coupled with everyday practicality and practicality. The C43 is not the fastest, most powerful or largest fast car on the market. However, it offers arguably one of the most complete packages. Here are 10 reasons for this and why the C43 really should be sold in the US.

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10 Much improved styling of the latest generation

The latest generation C43 has received a styling overhaul, with a sharper look and an overall more aggressive stance. In front, the car is equipped with the same “Panamericana” grille as on the AMG GTso that the car is immediately recognized by other gearboxes.

Optional 20-inch alloy wheels really enhance the car’s profile and give it a much sportier edge. A further improvement on this is a seriously aggressive rear diffuser, which has large functional quad tailpipes sticking out.

9 Extensive infotainment revisions

Entering the cabin, the first thing you notice is the car’s massive new 11.9-inch tablet-style infotainment panel. Mounted on the center console, almost all functions are controlled via the system, from audio and navigation to climate.

The large size actually has a big advantage when it comes to navigating the controls, with larger icons making it easier to tap the desired button while driving. While physical buttons are arguably even simpler, compared to some other vehicles on the market, it’s a big improvement, and at least there’s even a small row of these below the screen.

8 Powerful downsized engine with electric turbo

Compared to the previous generation car, the engine in the C43 may sound a bit disappointing on paper, with a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder replacing the 3.0-litre V6. A new 48V mild hybrid system is also integrated into the setup, improving performance and economy.

Power is increased by the addition of a new electrified turbocharger. Using Formula 1-derived technology, the turbo continues to spin via electrical assistance, so there is no lag during acceleration. Related: German Four-Door Drag Battle: BMW M340i vs. Audi S4 vs. Mercedes-AMG C43

7 Good performance

The C43’s engine, which is very closely related to the unit in the A45 S hot hatch, produces good power, 408 hp to be exact. The predecessor with a larger engine produced 390 hp.

This ability allows the C43 to blast from 0-60mph in about 4.7 seconds, but this is slightly slower than the 4.1 seconds the previous generation car took. Top speed has seen a bump, which now tops out at 165 mph, instead of the last-generation car’s 130 mph. Related: Why the 2022 Audi RS6 Avant Is the Most Beautiful Car on Sale

6 Agile with rear wheel steering

The maneuverability of this relatively long car is improved by a rear-wheel steering that reduces the turning circle. When a steering input is received, the rear wheels turn forward in the opposite direction. Although they only rotate about 2.5 degrees, the effect is quite pronounced.

When cornering at high speed, on the other hand, both wheelsets rotate in the same direction, which contributes to stability

5 Next Level Premium Cabin

Aside from the imposing infotainment screens, attention is immediately drawn to the large and sturdy flat-bottomed steering wheel. Not only does it look good, a number of touch-sensitive elements have also been incorporated, allowing many functions to be controlled.

There are even two small round screens mounted on either side of the handlebars that adjust the riding modes, suspension and exhaust settings.

Even small details, such as the triple turbine-style vents, complete with backlighting, add atmosphere to the interior.

4 More affordable than alternatives

The C43 Wagon is available for the equivalent of $70,000 USD, and at this price, the car is an excellent value proposition. Another compact car that is unfortunately not currently available in the US is the Audi RS4. This model would cost about $78,000 USD, so a lot more money.

Cars in the above class, such as the Audi RS6 and Mercedes E63, offer comparable real-world performance, but they sell for significantly more expensive $116,500 and $113,500, respectively.

3 Generous loading capacity

As you would expect from a wagon, the C43 is a very practical vehicle when it comes to towing cargo.

The car has a large and relatively square opening, which helps to get those bulky items in. The car can swallow 17.6 cubic feet of cargo, which is pretty decent when you consider that the C43 is only a medium-sized car. Folding seats further enhance this.

2 Augmented Reality Navigation

A particularly useful feature of the navigation system is a new turn-by-turn mapping system in augmented reality style.

Directional arrows are cleverly superimposed over live imagesto ensure that the driver never takes a wrong turn again. Given the complexity of some modern city centers, the feature has great potential to lighten the load.

1 Split personality

There is no denying that the exhaust sounds have become less and less satisfying in recent years, even in the best performing models. Increasingly strict emission regulations and particulate filters have muffled the notes. The C43 does quite well when it comes to engine noise outside the cabin; however the inside is a disappointment. To counter this, “AMG Real Performance Sound” directs the sound to the interior when the car is pushed.

With a range of driving modes, the C43 can feel like two completely different animals, from the sedate and relaxed “Comfort” mode to the raucous “Sport+”, this is a versatile car.