This Supercharged E90 BMW M3 Sedan Is The Best Sounding M Car

e90 bmw m3 sedan 01

The E90/E92 M3 may not be considered the greatest M3 of all time, but it is often considered the best sounding M3 of all time. Thanks to a 4.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 (the only V8 M3 in history), which, incidentally, revs up to 8,250 rpm, the E90 M3 still sounds incredible today. However, the supercharged E90 M3 featured in this new video review from The Smoking Tire is one of the best sounding BMWs I’ve ever heard.

In this new video, co-hos Zack Klapman drives an E90 M3 sedan that is arguably the most perfect M3 I’ve ever seen. The owner hasn’t even owned the car for a year, but it has already undergone some very extensive modifications that make the already great E90 M3 sedan to perfection.

For starters, he had an ESS supercharger fitted to the free-breathing V8, which boosted power from 414 claimed horsepower to 510 horsepower. on the wheels† However, it retains its linear powerband, which peaks near the red line, never feeling spiky or dangerous, nor has it lost its character. It still feels like the high-revving V8 we all know and love. Except it’s much more powerful.

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This E90 M3 also has Ohlins mufflers, a Brembo brake kit, 18-inch BBS wheels and – the most important part of the whole build – a Dinan exhaust. It sounds absolutely epic and may be the best sound I’ve ever heard from a BMW. The new M3 sounds like a hair dryer by comparison and all modern performance cars should take it into account. This M3 has no auto flatulence, no burble tune and is just the right amount of loud.

However, there is one drawback to this M3. It’s not mine. Now, like Klapman, I have to scour the internet sites for an E90 M3 sedan and present a case to my wife to justify my purchase.