This video goes behind the scenes of one of the largest collection of racing cars

Matt Ivanhoe and sports car behind

As we near the end of Monterey Car Week in 2022 and closer to Sunday’s Concours d’Elegance, the famed Petersen Auto Museum continues to showcase one-of-a-kind cars and vehicles. through their YouTube based channel.

Centered around collections from around the world, the Petersen gives its viewers an in-depth look at some of the rarest cars in the world that we can only dream of driving, let alone owning.

The most intriguing video of Petersen’s day is released on Saturday morning by Matt Ivanhoe and his immaculate car collection featuring everything from pre-war race cars to some of the most iconic ’90s supercars of all time.

As the founder and operator of The Cultivated Collector – a Connecticut-based company – Matt spends most of his time tracking down rare and important cars for his customers and himself.

With Ferraris from the Enzo era and modern supercars from Jaguar, Porsche and BMW, it would be hard to find another collection with the same number of historic race cars.

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Live from Connecticut is Matt .’s Supercar Collection

Matt and The Curated Collector offer more than just car sales and try to provide for enthusiasts by helping to manage their collections while growing the collecting lifestyle by managing a specific group of cars.

So when Matt introduced the French F40 – also known as the Venturi 400 GT – we immediately understood that his passion is much more than just a hobby.

After the introduction of its Jaguar XJ220, Ferrari Enzo and the Porsche-based Schuppan 962 ZR, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary car collection.

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The Art of Composing in the Automotive Hall Of Fame

Matt has clearly defined his niche in the automotive industry as a supplier of ultra-rare cars that have more history than just leaving the factory.

However, unlike most curators in his position, almost all of the cars under the Curated Collector’s roof are driven to this day on both back roads and track tracks, as most of these are historic racers, or very much enjoyed examples. of rare cars.

Turning his passion for cars into a lifelong career is something we all hope to achieve as gearheads one day, but it’s even more satisfying when someone in Matt’s power treats these beautiful vehicles as if they were the machines, unlike the average collector looking to its next “investment piece” – as the average Concours d’Elegance does.