Three injured after high-speed car collides with parked vehicles and on fence in Watts. ends up

Three injured after high-speed car collides with parked vehicles and on fence in Watts.  ends up

The driver of a speeding vehicle left three injured women, damaged cars and property behind before landing on a fence in Watts early Thursday morning.

Los Angeles Police Department officers at the scene said the driver, who was expected to be traveling at high speed southbound along Compton Avenue, collided with at least one parked car just before 2:15 a.m. After the initial collision, the suspect’s vehicle continued to drive until it jumped a curb, crashed through a cinder block wall and landed on a fence in front of a residence.

Three women, all in their twenties, were in the speeding car at the time of the accident. Two of the women required medical transport for injuries sustained, while one was able to drive herself to the hospital. Everyone is supposed to survive.

A home security camera showed the vehicle, a jeep, flying at high speed down the street just seconds before the crash.

“We heard it like a bomb. It sounded really loud,” said Jennifer Perez, whose home the security footage came from. “One girl came out bleeding, it was bad. The other one was on the floor and I just heard everyone screaming.”



The jeep plowed through three iron gates in the front yards of houses along the stretch of street, hitting several parked cars and a cinder block wall before somehow launching into the air, where it crashed into a fence just steps away. distance from another house in the Surface.

“Looks like three to four homes were affected,” LAPD Sergeant David Ramirez said. “At least three fences have been removed or damaged because of the vehicle.”

The vehicle was also believed to be resting on power lines in the area, prompting an emergency response from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

None of the residents of the house were injured, although the house was hit by some debris. They are happy that no one was injured, but are angry about the circumstances that have left some of them without a car or a means of getting into their home in a normal way as a family had to go out via a ladder while going to work. hastened.

Perez continued to note that this was the third major accident outside her home in four years, the latest resulting in her car being a total loss.

“The streets are pretty empty sometimes, but because it’s empty, cars just go really fast,” she said.