Three of America’s Best Muscle Cars Get a New Look

Renders of a Ford Mustang, Mercury Cougar, and Chevrolet Camaro.

During the 1960s in America, love and peace dominated the artistic culture wars, while the automobile between the major Detroit automakers turned the 1960s into the muscle car era.

Years before Americans took gas crises and emissions seriously, consumers fell in love with their bulky, gas-guzzling, V8-powered grand tourers and refused to let them go. The popularity of muscle cars started to spread around the world and soon the world’s biggest automakers had their version.

But just like comparing a Corvette – America’s “supercar” – to a Ferrari, no one perfected the muscle car recipe like the US did. They were loud, brash and unadulterated speed machines that, in their heyday, would lead to the glorification of drag racing.

However, today UK based digital artist, Auto MS Style Designs shares their vision of what three of the most legendary muscle cars would look like today. Choosing a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Mercury Cougar as its canvas, Mstyle transforms it classic cars in the futuristic Restomods we would all like to drive.

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If we choose 1969 as the year for all three cars, we see major updates to a Camaro Z/28, Mustang GT Fastback and Cougar Eliminator, all of which are considered the personification of muscle cars in their own right. With all three wrapped in some form of gray and teal, MStyle adds a touch of European flair to the low-slug, widebody muscle cars in the form of sharper edges, performance body kits and a lowered racing stance.

With extreme attention to even the minimalistic details, Mstyle cleverly adds the sounds of footsteps clicking on the concrete floor as the “filmer” makes his way through the trio, but not before they all growl to life with a perfect-sounding cam chop.

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So, who did the Muscle Car better?

Now that Mstyle has tweaked the designs for the better and without popping the hoods of these futuristic muscle cars, we have to assume they’re using the factory equipment. This begs the question: which one would perform best in a real world?

Every car has a loyal following who claim their favorite is the best. However, if we use years of data, the answer is much more ambiguous than it appears at first glance. For starters, all three cars have a 302 cubic inch V8 with 290 horsepower. All three excelled in straight-line speed, which reduced handling.

But when it comes to the choice of the general population, the Mustang is the clear winner as the only one of the trio to continue production every year since its inception — unlike the Cougar, which Mercury discontinued in 2002, and the Camaro, which saw a hiatus from 2002-2010.