Tony Scott directed this supersonic Saab commercial for Top Gun

Before Top Gun, Tony Scott directed this supersonic Saab commercial

Saab Automobile was the car production division of the Swedish aerospace and defense company Saab AB. As a result, Saab Automobile liked to market its cars by reminding customers that the parent company made supersonic jets. This was the centerpiece of the company’s 1984 commercial Nothing on Earth comes close

Tony Scott directs Tom Cruise on the set of Top Gun (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)

In 1982 British director Tony Scott directed the film The hunger† It was received with mixed reviews and he decided to leave movies and go back to commercials. In 1983, Scott was hired by Saab to direct a commercial for the Saab 900 turbo. Building on the company’s aviation affiliation, the commercial showed the car next to a Saab 37 Viggen fighter jet.

Basically, Scott nailed the commercial. Between the aviator curtains, slow-motion walking, parallel cuts and inspiring music, Nothing on Earth comes close was like a trailer for Top Gun† Comparing the clean lines of the Saab 900 with those of the Viggen may seem a bit cheesy today, but it fitted perfectly into the turbocharged 80s market and the commercial became an icon in its own right.

Tony Scott directed this supersonic Saab commercial for Top Gun
Scott transferred the visuals and tone of the Saab commercial to Top Gun (Paramount Pictures)

In addition, Scott’s work on the Saab commercial was the reason he was hired to direct Top Gun† In 1985, producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson approached Scott to direct their fighter jet film. Though Scott was reluctant at first, he eventually agreed and the rest is history.

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