Top 10 Batman Cars – History Of Batmobile

Top 10 Batman Cars - History Of Batmobile

Batman, a superhero in an American comic book published by DC Comics, is an orphaned billionaire, a notorious businessman, and a caped hero by night. There is no doubt that this “billionaire hero” does not shy away from showing off his wealth and has possessions that can only be dreamed of; one of them is his car collection.

His amazing collection of cars should not be forgotten when we talk about Batman. He has proven several times that his taste in cars is impeccable. From durability to style, his cars have everything you need to fight crime.

Batman’s cars have always been one after another in speed and power and are extremely difficult to rank. You can say that Batman loves the chase and his “supercars” help him do it, whether it’s jumping meters high or spinning 360 degrees.

With many advantages, even his cars have some limitations, so they should be chosen depending on the situation or the villain he has to fight. So surprisingly, even Batman has to pick out the “best possible car” in the situation. Here’s what we think his top 10 cars should be.

10. Batmobile (1943)

The Batmobile first appeared on screen in a 15-chapter Batman series in 1943. This model of Batmobile is the most basic Batman car.

This was a stock 1939 Cardillac Series 75 convertible and served as Bruce Wayne’s car.

9. Batmobile (1949)

An image of Batmobile from the 1943 movie.

This model appeared in the 1949 series, which was the sequel to the original series. Robert Lowey played the part of Batman.

The car was slimmer than the previous Batmobile and was a 1949 Mercury convertible. It was reported that the car had to be replaced six times during the shooting as it kept getting damaged.

8. Batmobile (1997)

The car that appeared in the movie “Batman and Robin” (1997) was designed by Herald Belkar. This car had glowing wheels and engine panels and was quite “colorful”.

The spec of the car is 33 feet long, 4.5 feet high, the top speed is 230 mph and the engine is a Chevy 350 ZZ3. This Batmobile model was not very popular with the public.

Batman's cars
Batmobile (1997) from the movie “Batman Returns”.

7. Bat Rocket (1992)

Batmissile appeared in the movie “Batman Returns”. It was designed by Bo Welch, Thomas W. Lay Jr.

The car was 21.7 ft long and 4.25 high; the top speed was 330 mph with the booster.

It fits through small openings that no other vehicle can.

Batman's cars
Bat rocket from the movie ‘Batman Returns’.

6. Batmobile (1995)

It appeared in the movie “Batman Forever” (1995) and was used throughout the movie.

The car was designed by Babara Ling, 22 feet long and 9.6 feet high; the top speed is 329 mph with a booster.

It also had dynamic weapons such as a grapple system, missile propeller, side-drive wheels and a rear view camera.

Batman's cars
Batmobile from the movie “Batman Forever” (1995)

5. Batmobile (1966)

The car appeared in the movie “Batman” (1966). The car was 19.12 feet long and 4 feet high. The engine is a 390 cubic inch, V-8 Atomic Turbine.

This classic Batmobile was one of the oldest and coolest Batman vehicles with a bat head shield, 7ft tail fins and rocket speed.

Batman's cars
Batmobile from the movie “Batman” (1966)

4. Batmobile (1992)

Shayne Poindexter designed it. This car came with many gadgets installed in it.

With oil and tear gas dispensers, titanium alloy wheels, ejection seats and a missile rack, this car was built to inflict serious damage on the perpetrator.

Batman's cars
Batmobile from the movie ‘Batman Returns’.

3. Bottlenose dolphin (2005)

Nathan Crowly and Christopher Nolan made the Tumbler. It appeared in the movies “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Tumbler had a very different style from all previous Batmobiles.

It is a mixture of Lamborghini and Humvee and matches Christian Bale’s energy with its dark and dangerous look.

Batman's cars
Tumbler from the movie “Batman Begins.”

2. Batmobile (2016)

This model Batmobile is often compared to Tumbler because of its knobby and aerodynamic flaps. It appeared in the movie “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016”.

The car was 20 feet long and 12 feet wide with a chevy hybrid engine and was tested to reach 205 mph. The double-barreled gun turret is installed in the front.

1. Batmobile (2022)

This iconic car appeared in the new Batman movie. “Intimidating” and “monstrous” were kept in mind when creating the car.

Batmobile (2022)
An image of Batmobile from the Batman movie (2022)

The beastly car represents Batman in the film Robert Pattinson plays in. The chase was a boon to all car enthusiasts.

The car is not as “deadly” as previous versions of Batmobile; what strikes him is its elegant and graceful appearance of the car.