Top 10 Car Designs of August 2022

Top 10 Car Designs of August 2022

We witnessed a fierce and exciting downpour of automotive design at Yanko Design in August 2022. Each car was innovative and brought us something we had never seen or experienced before. From killer speed to dashing looks, to impenetrable safety standards, every car we showcased at YD broke a design barrier for us, and hopefully they did the same for you. That’s why we put together a collection of car designs that we thought were the best of them all! From a futuristic two-seat city vehicle to a Scandinavian-inspired SUV concept, each of these drool-worthy cars pushes the boundaries of the automotive industry mercilessly! Car lovers can’t wait to get their hands on them and take them out on the street!

1. Citroen La 2 Deuche Concept

The legendary 1945 Citroen 2CV, often referred to as the umbrella on wheels, featured a fixed profile convertible with a retractable sunroof. To revive the nostalgic memories of this frugal family car, designer Jean Louis Bui has written an electric concept in a modern avatar. Called the Citroën La 2 Deuche Concept, this cheeky mini car has a sense of lightness. The vehicle’s retro DNA is visible in the wheel section, headlights and accordion-like retracting roof that turns it into a convertible.

2. AI-designed Apple Car

Meet the Apple Car, from the mind of an AI. Designed by Dall-E 2 based on a text message from designer, educator and YouTuber John Mauriello, this Apple Car is fascinating for two main reasons: the design of the car itself, but more importantly, the underlying AI technology that ultimately makes the car has made . The genesis of this idea came from Marques Brownlee’s own efforts with DALL-E 2. In a Youtube videoBrownlee showed how simply typing the words “Apple Car” resulted in a car that looked like the apple fruit. This became a starting point for Mauriello, who instead decided to tweak the prompt a bit to get more specialized results. Mauriello told the AI ​​to design one “Minimalist sports car inspired by a MacBook and a Magic Mouse, made of aluminum and glass”while also specifying to design something in the style of Apple’s former head of design, Jony Ive.

3. The Muji Honda MS01 Electric Bike

Introducing the Muji Honda MS01 electric bike, inspired by the MUJI H-Type bike. The black and white theme on this one is a testament to the softer styling of the MUJI – in fact, the company’s artistic director, Kenya Hara, did most of the design of the bike herself. All the equipment and power of the MS01 comes from the house of Honda. It’s a very balanced collaboration, resulting in this minimalist two-wheeler that’s ideal for city rides and beyond.

4. The MINI Spaceman concept

This hatchback concept is the culmination of a fun car that trades in the four-seat configuration for a futuristic three-seat setup. The idea is to cocoon the riders comfortably and leave room to lounge when desired. The rear of this one gives up some of the contours for a sharper aesthetic and more space, thanks to the elongated trunk section. Whether MINI fans will like this imbalance is completely subjective and depends on the needs of the users. For someone with a family this makes more sense, but for someone who likes MINI for the sheer pleasure of driving it doesn’t have much merit.

5. Volvo XC Concept

The boxy nature of the Volvo XC concept seems to hint at the humble beginnings of the Swedish company’s design, although that modern, minimalist look is a lot like the Polestar ethos that was also brought to the table. However, the result is an SUV that looks fantastic. The clean design doesn’t look boring and there are enough subtle details to guide the eye and keep people fixated. Truly a masterclass in Scandinavian car design and a lesson that all car brands should consider.

6. DeLorean Omega 2040

This Baja-style concept is nowhere near reality by 2022 standards, but we’re talking 2040. The electric vehicle will be adapted for off-road trails, perhaps designed for a radically changed topography due to climate change and human-induced drought. DeLorean himself labels this design as something that is a complete detour from traditional car design. The independent suspension system on all four wheels is without a doubt a reference to its high performance quotient. Hailing from DeLorean’s house, it’s not surprising as they are used to creating futuristic attractions.

7. Kronos Armored Submarine

This is the Kronos Armored Submarine that can explore the depths of water for covert missions with a top speed of 50 km/h underwater and 80 km/h on the surface. And don’t be fooled by the unrealistic looking renders, because this thing is destined for a lifelike avatar. The warship is designed for rescue missions, covert military missions or commercial use to carry cargo or even people. In total, the beast can carry 6,600 pounds of cargo in the water. If we are to believe the makers, the thing can be equipped with six mini torpedoes for secret military missions. That’s crazy now!

8. 3-Wheel BMW R100 Custom Build

Designed by Cumpert Contraptions, this custom BMW build is just that: an eccentric device that captivates the eye with its retro-punk attitude. Resting on three wheels instead of the usual two, this quirky beauty was once a 1992 BMW R100R Mystic, which Tim Cumpert got his hands on for his mad science project. He sawed off the front end, replaced it with an ATV chassis, and built his vision out with that as his frame. “The tricycle is inspired by pre-war race cars, which I am a big fan of,” he told Bike EXIF. “When I started this project in 2012, Morgan had just released their new 3 Wheeler. But the main motivation for this project was that I wanted to delve into the manufacture of aluminum sheet.”

9. The Robotic City Car

This hybrid car, also known as the Robotic City Car, looks very different from anything I’ve ever seen before. It comes with an enclosed cabin like a car but can accommodate two people in a fighter jet/motorcycle style (one in a row). Finally, the car sits on three wheels arranged in a 2×1 format, giving it the maneuverability it needs while remaining slimmer than conventional trikes seen in parts of Asia.

10. The DIDI bike

An electric scooter at heart, it’s largely pedal-powered, keeping its environmentally conscious lot in mind. On flat terrain, the DIDI Bike is better off with the power of the legs – fitness is also ensured that way. On roads with low elevation, the scooter’s electric motor is switched on to save you from all the hard work. A front carrier is a nod to the classic two-wheelers of the Asian continent.