Top 10 Cars Sold in India in June: WagonR Leads, Punch, Venue Back in Settlement

Top 10 Cars Sold in India in June: WagonR Leads, Punch, Venue Back in Settlement

While Maruti Suzuki remains the leading automaker in India in terms of sales, Tata Motors and Hyundai Motor are engaged in an exciting race to become the country’s second largest automaker. It can also be clearly seen in the list of the top 10 sold cars in India in June, where Tata and Hyundai managed to reduce Maruti’s share to just six. As Maruti’s dominance continues on last month’s list of top 10 sold cars, Tata and Hyundai’s small and midsize SUVs, including Nexon, Punch, Creta and Venue, helped the duo take on a challenge against the best automaker.

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 cars sold in India in June:

Maruti WagonR

Maruti’s popular hatchback WagonR has consistently remained the number one choice for Indian customers in recent months. With 19,190 units sold last month, WagonR sales have overshadowed the previous month’s number of 16,814 units. WagonR sales are now close to those of June last year, when the automaker sold 19,447 units.

Maruti Swift

Last month, the Swift hatchback managed to topple Tata Nexon from the number two position after returning to the top-10 after some time in May. Maruti sold 16,213 units last month. It is up nearly 2,000 units from May this year. In June last year, however, Maruti sold more Swifts than last month. Despite Covid challenges, Maruti had sold 17,227 units in the same month last year.

Maruti Baleno

The new generation Baleno also managed to land Tata Nexon with 16,103 units sold in June. Baleno, now number three, saw its sales increase significantly compared to 13,970 units sold in May. Even compared to last June sales figures, Maruti sold more than 1,400 units last month. Earlier this year, Maruti had launched the new Baleno, packed with new features and technical upgrades.

Tata Nexon

The popular sub-compact SUV from the stable of Tata Motors will remain India’s number one SUV in June. However, sales have fallen marginally compared to May this year. Last month, Tata sold 14,295 units of Nexon, up from 14,614 units in May. However, compared to June last year, when Tata sold just 8,033 units, Nexon’s sales have increased significantly.

Hyundai Crete

Hyundai’s flagship compact SUV Creta remains firmly at number five. The Korean automaker sold 13,790 units of the SUV, up from 10,973 units in May. Hyundai Creta sales are up significantly compared to June last year, when the automaker sold just 9,941 units. Creta continues to lead the compact SUV segment in India.

Maruti Alt

Due to a facelift later this year, Maruti Alto’s existing models remain a firm favorite among buyers. Maruti sold as many Altos as Hyundai Creta last month. Sales have also increased by more than 850 units since May this year. By June last year, Maruti had sold 12,513 Alto units, meaning the small hatchbacks have delivered stable performance over the years.

Maruti Dzire

Dzire remains the only sub-compact sedan to be sold in the list of top 10 cars in India every month. Maruti sold 12,597 units of Dzire last month, which is even more than 11,603 units sold in May. Long in need of a revamp, the Dzire remains one of the most consistent performers in the Maruti stable. In June last year, Maruti Dzire found 12,639 homes across India.

Maruti Ertiga

The new generation Ertiga seems to have been struggling with a long wait since its launch in April. Sales have dropped significantly since launch. In June, Maruti sold 10,423 units of Ertiga, up from 12,226 units in the previous month and 14,889 units in the launch month this year.

Tata Punch

Tata Motors had a second entrant in the list last month with the Punch SUV that found 10,414 homes last month. After an initial eruption, Punch had lost some steam in recent months. Punch was launched late last year, and. will soon find a new rival in the Citroën C3, which will hit the market later this month.

Hyundai Location

The recent launch of the new generation Venue has no credit behind the return of the subcompact SUVs to the top 10. However, it is only an indication that the rivalry between the new-generation Venue and Brezza is likely to intensify in the coming days. In June, Hyundai sold 10,321 units. of the older generation Venue. Last year, Hyundai was only able to sell 4,865 units of the subcompact SUV in the same month.

Date of first publication: July 07, 2022, 13:41 IST