Top 10 Electric Vehicles of September 2022

Top 10 Electric Vehicles of September 2022

In a world where sustainability is on everyone’s mind and fossil fuel consumption is literally looked down upon – electric vehicles are slowly and steadily taking over the world! Electric vehicles dump the age-old fossil fuels and instead run on large traction batteries that are in turn powered by charging equipment. They may not run on motors, but they still manage to be sleek, fast and powerful. And we’ve put together a collection of EV designs that we thought were the best! From an electric train with a transparent panoramic roof to a MUJI x Honda electric bicycle – these innovative and groundbreaking cars promise to be the future of urban commuting and cars!

1. The Caracat

Created with pleasure and dedication to take users who demand a safe, livable home wherever they go, including on the water; the Caracat is meant to make the dream come true. The ship knows no boundaries: it can just as easily tow ashore behind your vehicle and go straight out into the sea to let you spend a night or two with ease. This is believed to be possible due to the extendable pontoon system (hulls) on board, which creates a stable 3.7m wide footprint on the water and can be stowed electronically up to 2.5m for effortless towing on land.

2. The WAYRA EV-03

The WAYRA EV-03 Electric Cruiser Motorcycle is a 100 percent no-gimmick concept that will please any type of rider – be it a cruiser enthusiast, performance enthusiast or off-road enthusiast. WAYRA EV-03 is a high-personality bike built with the heritage of fat bikes and cruiser-length bikes in mind, while also incorporating those minimal eye-catching modern touches to create visual appeal. The presence of café racer aesthetics also cannot be denied due to the rider’s low-slung positioning. The element of drag racing is evident thanks to the stretched rear end, but the tall ride height also gives off that dirt bike racer vibe.

3. MINI Electric Concept

This concept design of a future MINI builds on the brand’s entrenched status without going overboard. The MINImalistic design of the original is clear and thank goodness no alterations have been made to the original dimensions. Transport designer Roman designed the MINI in the cool EV avatar as his personal study project. The car gets handy adjustments to completely change the perception of a classic four-wheeler. There is a sense of airiness in the interior with the smaller dimensions of the pillars and the more dynamic sunroof to spice things up.

4. The Muji Honda MS01 Electric Bike

Introducing the Muji Honda MS01 electric bike, inspired by the MUJI H-Type bike. The black and white theme on this one is a testament to the softer styling of the MUJI – in fact, the company’s artistic director, Kenya Hara, did most of the design of the bike herself. All the equipment and power of the MS01 comes from the house of Honda. It’s a very balanced collaboration, resulting in this minimalist two-wheeler that’s ideal for city rides and beyond.

5. Meyers Manx 2.0 Electric Dune Buggy

The original beachcomber, Meyers Manx, is making a comeback as a hot electric dune buggy, and we couldn’t be more excited. This time the four-wheeler comes fully assembled and not as a kit car. It comes in two battery variants: 20 kWh and 40 kWh that can swing it to 150 and 300 miles respectively. The compact shape and weight of only about 1,500lbs – 1,650lbs enable this impressive range on a single charge. According to the makers, the 40 kWh version with 202 hp can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

6. Toyota bZ4X

The bZ4X sits on a custom electric vehicle platform called e-TNGA in Toyota-speak, which was co-developed with Subaru (for their very first EV – the Solterra), as does the powertrain. With the bZ4X, two models will be offered at launch: the entry-level front-wheel drive, single-engine model and the flagship model with four-wheel drive, dual-engine. The wheelbase of the electric SUV is the same size as the RAV4 and is 6.3 inches longer, while the height is 2 inches shorter. The exterior looks edgy, sporty and futuristic, which at first glance appears stylish and well-proportioned.

7. Nano

Manufactured from Rolex steel (904L) and polished in an attractive silver finish, the scooter is loaded with a lasting impression. The makers have created two separate versions of the electric ride: the Nano variant that can reach a top speed of 45 km/h and the Nano+ model that can reach 75 km/h. The range on them is the same as they both cover 60 miles on a full charge of the 4.2 kWh battery which charges in just four hours. The electric scooter’s all-metal finish exudes luxury in the shiny silver hue, and the makers have rightly portrayed the Nano as an object to behold with the eyes. The front part is completely covered by the body frame, which is cast from a single piece of metal.

8. Model M

Model M was designed with the cramped urban spaces in mind, so the detachable handlebar makes perfect sense. The electronic kickstand makes the ride easy to park with no hassle. When it comes to adventure escapades, Tesla Model M has all your needs covered. Right where the fuel tank of traditional bikes is, there is a detachable bag with its own battery that powers the lights and multimedia system. The bag comes with its own start/stop system that acts as an anti-theft mechanism.

9. The Citroen La 2 Deuche Concept

Called the Citroën La 2 Deuche Concept, this cheeky mini car has a sense of lightness. The vehicle’s retro DNA is visible in the wheel section, headlights and accordion-like retracting roof that turns it into a convertible. According to Jean, the styling was chosen from the simple lines and silhouette of the inspiration – especially the Charleston version. The rest have the more modern profiling – especially the side profile and rear. Those taillights and the wheels give off the futuristic vibe, and as far as the exterior is concerned, that’s where it ends.


This electric train comes with a two-level seating system, which allows more passengers to be carried per ride. However, the design of the AIRSCP is not like your average train. It comes with an expansive cockpit for the driver, complete with a wide windshield and a display on the top that lets people know where the train is going. People enter the train through doors on the sides and can either sit in the bottom row or move to the top row for a more immersive experience.