Top 10 States With The Most Open Vehicle Recalls

Top 10 States With The Most Open Vehicle Recalls

While the total number of vehicles in service with an open recall has fallen by nearly 6% since 2021, new CARFAX data shows that there are more than 50 million vehicles on U.S. roads today with a known issue in need of repair.

According to a press release issued Tuesday, CARFAX data also indicated that by 2022, sedans and SUVs are the vehicles most likely to have uncorrected recalls.

CARFAX said Southern states still have the highest open recall rates, including Mississippi at 24%, and Texas and Louisiana (both at 23%).

Here are the top 10 states with the most vehicles with open recalls based on CARFAX data:

1. California: 5.6 million

2. Texas: 5.1 million

3. Florida: 3.1 million

4. New York: 1.9 million

5. Pennsylvania: 1.8 million

6. Ohio: 1.8 million

7. Georgia: 1.7 million

8. North Carolina: 1.6 million

9. Illinois: 1.6 million

10. Michigan: 1.4 million

“We are moving in the right direction when it comes to the number of pending recalls on the road, but the number remains incredibly high,” said Faisal Hasan, General Manager of Data at CARFAX. “We still have a long way to go, but free recall services, such as CARFAX Car Care, are making a difference.”

In California, for example, CARFAX reported that there was a dramatic double-digit percent drop — 12% — in the number of pending recalls.

The company pointed out that California drivers also have the highest number of registered vehicles in the CARFAX Car Care app with nearly 4 million registered vehicle identification numbers (VINs).

Every Car Care user will be notified when a new recall has been made for one of their registered vehicles.

Nationally, drivers have registered more than 37 million VINs in CARFAX Car Care.

CARFAX said this free service continuously monitors vehicles for pending recalls.

“Because recalls are frequent — even for older models — it’s critical that owners are aware of new federal actions,” CARFAX said.

CARFAX also highlighted the experience of Car Care user Jessica Matulavage in the press release.

“I recently downloaded CARFAX Car Care and it makes it so easy to keep track of everything,” said Matulavage. “I love how it automatically notifies me of recalls so I can make sure my vehicle is safe. I didn’t realize my car had a recall when I bought it, but luckily I downloaded the app soon after and was able to get the repairs I needed without any problems. I love this app – I give it 10 out of 10 stars!”