Top 5 auto jobs that do not require a college degree | sponsored

Top 5 auto jobs that do not require a college degree |  sponsored

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The debate about going to university versus Directly entering into a transaction is a conversation that has passionate advocates on both sides. But in the end everyone has to make the choice that suits him or her

In front of someone who is not going to university but is looking for a meaningful career with growth opportunities the auto industry could be a good match – especially now.

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Created the pandemic a number of issues that have hit almost every sector, and the auto industry is no exception. Labor shortages, early retirements and career changes have left a void in the number of mechanics needed to keep the wheels turning.

automaticallyIndustry leaders are eager to bring in new ones recruits to fill the gaps and appeal to young people by showing them that many roles have potential for a promising career path.

“We have many technicians who have been with us for 25 to 30 years”, say Frank Downing, chairman of Towne Auto Group† “Between the training sessions we have provide and the training provided by the original equipment manufacturers has developed them into senior master technicians.”

With nine local dealers, Towne . serves Weastern New York for everything of to be new and used car needed. Downing said college education isn’t required for most dealer positions through thorough on-the-job training.

Here are the top five auto jobs that do not require a college degree:

1. Automotive technicians

The role of a mechanic or auto technician has changed a lot over the years.

“It’s not just turning a wrench,” Downing say† “There is now so much more work with computers and diagnostics. It is much more technology-based than it used to be.”

The image of a parent working on their own vehicle with their son or daughter by their side and teaching them along the way is no longer as prevalent as it once was because cars are not as simple as they once were.

“Cars have gotten more complicated as more technology is added,” he says say† “It’s harder for someone to teach their kids how to work on cars.”

At a dealer like Towne, a person can enter with no prior knowledge of repairing a vehicle and still learn and be trained On everything they need to know.

Auto body specialists or collision repair technicians work of metal and paint in a body shop, repairing damaged car exteriors. Downing said that both metalworkers in body shops and painters are high-paying positions that are in short supply.

“These are great career paths,” says Downing say† “A lot of people start in the retail store, then become painters and move on.”

A huge part of the automotive industry is the sales department.

“We’re in the relationship business”, Downing say† “Everybody Who‘s hardworking and customer-oriented can do very well in our industry without a college degree.’

Sellers have the opportunity to don’t just transfer commission sell, but develop long lasting relationships that lead to customer retention and brand loyalty.

With so much of the auto industry going digital, including people looking for vehicles on their phones, dealers like Towne now essentially have two stores one physical and one online.

“Our business development staff helps ensure that customers who submit a lead online or over the phone have a great experience,” said Downing. say

The business development staff is responsible for helping the dealership grow its sales and service business.

The parts department is vital to a dealership because “you can’t fix a car without parts” like Downing say

“If you work at the parts counter,” he continues, you provide parts to the technicians to repair customers’ cars

Personnel of the parts department work at the retail counter and in shipping and receiving, and the possibilities to proceed from there are limitless.

Within a dealership, Downing says employees can move up as well as to the side.

“There is a lot of ‘between departments’ trajectory,” he says. “We have new cars, used cars, finance, parts, service, bodybuilding, administration and detail – that’s really eight different companies in one. People can start in one position and end up in another.”